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  1. Awesome machine. Thanks for putting this together
  2. Thanks for these (as always) Dave. Looking forward to playing them
  3. Thanks for this Dave. Much appreciated
  4. I love these old classics. Thanks again for allowing us to re-live them
  5. Thanks for another great release!
  6. Excellent work Dave (as always) a big thank you from me!
  7. This is superb!!! Great work!!! I love Supa Steppa too
  8. Yep, you're probably right. It'll will be a compatibility issue. I'll take the program to work as I've got an old laptop that should be able to run it. Thanks
  9. Still having problems with this... I've tried every file in my Andy Capp folder and the only one that doesn't give me an "access violation error" is the main .gam file. This file seems to just close the program? I am sure that I'm being an idiot here but has anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  10. Ahhhh that explains two things. Firstly, why the tool wouldn't work and secondly, why I didn't do particularly well at school Thanks Tommy
  11. That is brilliant! Thanks for posting it. Thanks Reg for remembering me!!! It's been a while since Guitar promised to make one. Unfortunately I'm getting "Access violation at address 0047957D in module 'mpusnded.exe'. Read of address 02CD5D4F" error when I try and open the sound P1 or P2 file with it? I've tried setting it to run in Compatibility Mode and also to run as administrator but to no avail?? Anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks again for this. I hope I'll be able to get it working
  12. Hi Amusements, Each PacDrive will have an address (the default is 1). If you have more than 16 lights that you need to run then you will need more than one PacDrive (hence them being addressable). If you have less than 16 lights (it looks like your keyboard has exactly 16) then you will only need 1 PacDrive to run them all. There's another selection which makes all the outputs (read: lights) "off" by default (otherwise the outputs will all come "on" when the PacDrive is powered up until it gets the signal from MFME to turn them all off i.e. when MFME loads a game up). So just visit this page: http://www.ultimarc.com/store/product.php?xProd=111 And then tick the box marked "Special (Outputs OFF at power on)" and your PacDrive should come with the default "1" address. If you want another one at a later stage (or even now) then order another and select address "2" and then just email Andy from Ultimarc and ask him to send you the one with the Outputs OFF at power on. He's a great bloke and will happily oblige. Hope that helps :)
  13. Good advice Reg. I'll go and have a look. I might do 9 on the bottom row and then 5 above them centred? Then 8 or 10 on the "top glass". But I'll definitely take your advice and have a look on eBay. I didn't think of that. Thanks again. I'll post some pictures as I get somewhere with my machine. I'm currently writing a bit of software that will send the correct pay out info to the hopper interface. It's a tall order as I've never written in C# before but I'll post it when I'm done. Im planning on posting everything about the build in case it helps others. :-) Thanks again :-)
  14. Hi Reg, Thanks for getting back to me. I did guess that they were the keys for the iPac but I just can't figure out for the life of me which machine would need all of them? Or are you saying that no game would need all of them, it's just the positioning that's important. So you wanted the 'real world' positioning to reflect the 'virtual' positioning on the game? The reason I'm asking is that I'm going to start building my fruit machine cab tomorrow (weather permitting) and wanted to work out how many buttons I would need. I'm going to put either 8 or 10 on the 'top glass' part of the machine (i.e. either side of the monitor - the same as No1Stoney) but I didn't know how many buttons to put on the main button panel. I've got 15 buttons (that I bought from Paul on eBay) and was thinking of just have two rows of 7 buttons. That's why I wanted more info on what made you choose that pattern and that specific number of buttons on your panel?
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