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3 hours ago, Marlon36 said:

I remember in the New Year's thread you said that you hoped 2019 would be a better year for you... I understand why now x


Not only as a kid I had one but as an adult as well because when I worked in security for the NHS, the blue snorkel parka was part of the uniform. I was bloody grateful for having one in the winter when doing outside patrols on foot!

As a kid I once zipped the hood right up but wasn't able to unzip it as the fur was stuck in the zip and then having some sort of  panic attack thinking I was going be stuck like it forever.

Kenny still wears these today lmao

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12 hours ago, evo1 said:

What was it about people collecting cash in these big bottles in the 80's?



I eventually managed to get one of those.  There was a waiting list at the local WMC. It cost 50p, which went in the charity box.

It was the Bells one and guess what... it's still at Dad's 😁

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