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  1. Totally stunned. Thanks for everything. RIP Chris.
  2. Nine posts wanting help and not one please or thanks. And you think this pillock has changed?
  3. For the record... Now that this is all sorted, and so people don't think I got any special treatment. Although @Reg said it was sorted, it wasn't done in the way I requested. Someone, and I still don't know who, donated to Wine for Wizard on my behalf and I thank them for that. Today I had some spare cash and donated to cover any costs incurred by the mystery person, with an extra amount to show my gratitude for people's understanding of my predicament when Molly was ill. Thanks again to all those who made it possible for me to contribute, even if it was in an unconventional way. Stay safe
  4. Just catching up mate. That'll teach you to not sneak off for a few days
  5. Have you? Thought it was peaceful
  6. Thank you so much for that mate. You know that I'll replace it as soon as I possibly can.
  7. My plan was to donate today but with things as they are with Vet bills, I'm now going to be skint for the next few months. Chris if you see this, I'm really sorry that I don't have anything spare right now to donate, as you deserve all the recognition that's been shown in this thread, but Mollys bills have to take preference. @Reg could you divert my last donation to this and I will donate again to the site once I'm sorted ? Thanks
  8. If you ever try this, I have some hoppers and coin mechs here if you need them. Coin mechs will need updating though.
  9. chasnbons

    Bikes !

    Some people are just ruined!
  10. chasnbons

    Bikes !

    I was rather overwhelmed with all Choppers being mentioned I had a shiny purple one... Still have actually
  11. Memories.... hmmm, yes, well...... erm... wish I'd never read the track list
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