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  1. Some great games there! Sega Bass Fishing was on that list Geddy
  2. Was struggling to keep a straight face the other day when I was typing that
  3. Too much info!! Were you homeless at the time? That's right mate! You have good morals unlike him!
  4. Best to say nothing in your case! Folks on here don't need to know about you meeting with strangers in the graveyard or behind the Dog & Duck during your bachelor years...
  5. Had the top left one and I also had Golfwinks which wasn't as good as the Table Soccer game.
  6. Some of these public info films were shown to us at infant school, I always remember this never go with strangers one. Even now I never go with strangers as it scared the crap out of me!
  7. Would watch this every Sunday. The later episodes were never the same after the original Joey & Aveline were replaced...
  8. He must've had a small one if he could fit it into one of those!
  9. They were great for sticking your pencil in for a quick sharpen...
  10. I actually did like this programme I wouldn't have said 'no' to a game of tennis with Annabel either. (New balls please)!
  11. I remember in the New Year's thread you said that you hoped 2019 would be a better year for you... I understand why now x Not only as a kid I had one but as an adult as well because when I worked in security for the NHS, the blue snorkel parka was part of the uniform. I was bloody grateful for having one in the winter when doing outside patrols on foot! As a kid I once zipped the hood right up but wasn't able to unzip it as the fur was stuck in the zip and then having some sort of panic attack thinking I was going be stuck like it forever.
  12. Same here! I remember the nit nurse but not the liquid. Did you have nits fatdad and that's why Nitty Nora poured smelly liquid onto your head?
  13. I bet the action men you've pulled didn't have any uniforms on! I'm not surprised he was probably in shock!!
  14. You post some good stuff! I had those guns and that little rocket thingy. Action Man. The first one I ever got was called 'Talking Commander'. Give him a pull, and then he'd talk.
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