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Nemo's Virtual Slot

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So a year back i build a window$ based virtual slot with a 32" full HD TV, with an ipac as keyboard interface.

Bodged some MDF together to roughly resemble a slotmachine, painted the thing black, and slapped some chrome

trim on it. Did made a nicely lit marquee and customized a whole bunch of buttons. Great, right ? Well not so

much, due to time constraints and with a whole Arcade Frenzy going on (and still is) the Virtual Slot got shelved.

The last  thing done to it was MFME 3.something and some dabbling with Amber. Now just last week i stumbled on

Reg's video of his MFME Cab, and saw the nice Pacled integration with version 6 of MFME......Great ! I have some laying

around and also got a coinmech and hopper setup, ready to go in.


MFME has my attention again ?


Now for some pic's ......




The whole thing is just a pile of MDF, we ALL could build it, it's really easy to do !




The simplified button board with an iPac, i will add a Pacled in the next few days, that's just going to

make ALL the difference, it's going to be much closer to the original. Ahhhh.....i LOVE emulation !


To be continued .......

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I really enjoy these cabinet type threads so thank you for taking the time to post.

That cabinet you have done - TBH - until you share the insides, I really did thing you can converted some machine from hell you'd found in an arcade and done a stonking job on it.  I was thinking some kind of American cabinet TBH.  Looks great.

I see you have a huge amount of space to play with inside as well.  I fear you are going to have a lot of fun as this evolves - so please keep us all posted on this.

To anyone that has not made a cabinet before, if you have a space to do it - it is an incredible feeling to use MFME this way. :)


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Installed a PacDrive today and have Viva Espana more or less set for rom controlled LED's.


I only did Start, cancel & the Hold buttons for now, the rest will come later, first i have to figure out what the lampnumbers are.

Just doing a few slots to see if it all works. The leds are 12 volt & fed from the computer's psu, that way i can switch the grounds via the Pacdrive and it's usb bus, easy to setup.



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22 hours ago, nemo said:

Reg, if you like cab projects so much, you really will get a kick out of my Vpin project ( i did read somewhere that you are considering building

one of those infernal machines) .......... http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=21820  


Have a ball......?

Thats a great read Nemo, wish I had the space to do something like this as Pinball emulation looks like the real thing!!

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Now completely wired 15 buttons and have them all setup correctly, except for  `<GRAVE> i just can't get it to function as cancel in MFME, it sure registers normal

in the i-Pac setup utility, but no-go in the emulator (even keypress on the keyboard itself does NOT give cancel).


Not sure what's going on there.....


Also have setup the Pacdrive correctly with a few slots, i must say that MFME is rock solid, not one crash, just very stable software.

Nothing beats playing MFME on a real cab.......now back to work again, have to tackle that cancel problem....


To be continued....


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I assume just to be sure, that this is a UK keyboard you are using if not the keyboard map maybe different - don't know if there are any extra keys on a non-UK board that may introduce a problem here.

The easist solution is to map the GRAVE to something else.

When you put layouts in the cabinet, at time you have to change keys I guess ( based on my experiences ) so with that - just define the GRAVE to something out.

Your open keyboard photo above reminds me of the first keyboard I did.


That was a POC to see if I could actually do this - before the cabinet came the MFME keyboard.

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Ahhh yes the cardboard test layout, did see that in your well written manual, it's GREAT that you document stuff so well. 

It's just the nudge beginners need to build themselves a MFME cab, this hobby should be more widespread, and your site/buildlogs/sticky's/how to's

are helping with that. For instance on the vpin forums we had a boom in pinball cab builders some 5 years ago, this was all possible through people detailing

their build process, it's THAT important.


Ahhh i would love to see a a HUGE boost in cabbuilders here, the software sure is up for the task, wizard did a great job, heck, ALL of you peeps are top !


I did build 20 or so MAME/Pandora machines for customers, so no stranger to emulation and companion hardware ie Leddrive and such. 

Have two arcade machines in the gameroom alongside my vpin and that one sits next to my racesim (also known as the vomit comet ).

Now when i get the hardware ready and MFME is correctly setup with all buttons fucntional & hopper/coinmech installed, i would like to do some

slots myself. I just got to have some Dutch machines on there, they are not emulated yet (at least not in a DX form). Yup i would like to be able to

produce some layouts myself and give some back to this community, problem as always is time ......

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Solved the ` <GRAVE> key input issue, apparently windows installs 2 keyboard layouts as it sees my location being the Netherlands. 

Sure enough it's US international as primary, but Dutch (aught to be the same) as a secondary, guess what the i-pac emulates.....???


That took me two hours........

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I felt the same but I manged to make what I call the fme console.i dont have the space for an upright machine so I made a plug in console that has 16 lit buttons its currently housed in a cardboard box with holes cut out for the buttons .I did it all for under 100 .I should really post a picture.Its not perfect but it works and I should really get around to getting a permanent case for it.Maybe someone will be able to guide me on that if I actually posted the picture of it.

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Well it's Friday !! YAY....... anyhew while Popeye is still bragging about his garden lights ??‍♂️ i made some progress.....


Did install some new buttons with new inserts, looks much better now !



And made some headway into installing the coinmech & hopper unit, this is a very small form factor mech, ideal for the vslot !

Also made a custom cashbox ready to be filled up .......an arduino will be used as interface and pulsedriver for the mech.


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Well that was a minor update - LOL !  It's Friday and you've done a huge chunk of work...

This looks very good - loving waht you have done here.  I thought the 12v on the real bulbs you're running to look awesome on one of your earlier videos as well.  I also noticed - lol - that you were running the awesome Club Monopoly. 



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Anyhew, i did some initial shifting through the different slots and have around 30 installed now, all setup to make full use of the Pacdrive.

If you tackle one slot at a time with setting up the lampnumbers and keycode's it takes about 10 minutes per slot including some minor graphics adjustment.

Not too bad....and very addictive once you get a slot done. I also made a diagram with all relevant info on it, makes it a lot easier !


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7 minutes ago, 1969kappa said:

Thank you for making me jealous as F*%K nice work my good man must be great having something like that 

No problem. It is great to have them almost all working. Garden looks much better when it's half-lit. 

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