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  1. Thank you @wearecity.
  2. @Dymies welcome to the layout designing club.
  3. Thank you for this - looks very sharp by the picture - not on the PC at the momeny upstairs - but will grab first thing in the morning. Thank you again.
  4. Many thanks for this and thank you for making this - you are on the layout journey. Two items of immediate feedback as you asked for consideration are that are not on a postcard... 1. The cabinet is not straight - look at the line of the top glass - that should always be straight. That should be easilly fixed in prep work. 2. The side of the cabinet had some decals left over from the flyer. Again fixable in prep work. May seems like little things - but it's honestly the little things that jump out.
  5. Many thanks for these @vectra666.
  6. Reg

    Cut Throat Cash

    Many thanks for this one - again as my reply on another thread - sorry for the late response.
  7. Many thanks for this one - sorry for the late response.
  8. Reg

    FUNFAIR £25 DX

    Many thanks for this.
  9. Nope. That mock up was literally that by @Pook. I remember a PM exchange I thought it was so good looking he had the actual artwork - but nope - it was a five minute job by him.
  10. No limits - this is your account...
  11. Not good enough IMO. That machine is really important to me for a whole set of reasons and I'd rather see no DX than a poor DX as the quality of DX is only as good as the source materials.
  12. ...I made that awesome layout if I say so myself, one of my best classics - plus I brought the roms as well. Works fine on 20.1, just download it from the Downloads here.
  13. Thank you for this one.
  14. @woodsy following the PM exchange and seeing it in a cabinet, here you go sir...
  15. Reg

    Torture TV

    lol @wearecity You go from nine hours ago... ...to just three hours later... ... You found buckets of enthusiam !
  16. Many thanks for this one.
  17. ...but in your case. Your Red Dwarf probably looked better then the original machine and was a brilliant conversion. To the untrained eye - nobody would have even known it was a PDX.
  18. Ok - that is not the horror story that I had painted in my mind. @Multi Retro Man based on @wearecity support here with a visualation for me - if this is what you are planning and it does look like a Fruit Machine, then I am "okish" with this. It has to go in the Misc section tho just incase. I would reach out to other designers like @wearecity and @vectra666 to get an opinion on the finished product if you don't mind. What is shown on Jack Flash! is like chalk and cheese compared to what was posted here. I think we are all good and aligned ? Everybody happy ? Thank you to @wearecity and @vectra666 for helping me see through this.
  19. I would focus on real machines after this incident. This conversations has basically gone: You: Here is a layout of something I dreamed up in my head. Me: Don't post them here - you are burning people's uploads. You: Ok - can I make another of this machine that will also be based on my thoughts. Me: ...you can but you don't upload them to the download area at all if you are making PDX's based on what I have seen yeseterday. @vectra666 has the answer... ...post the message with the layout attached in the general topic area. If it's not a horror show, I'll upload it to the downloads and assign it to your name. If you make real machines with real artwork from the machine or classics - you are absolutely free to use the download section.
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