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  1. Would be interesting if you could enable some sort of "turbo play" mode as well... not that it isn't already interesting of course and this would go at the very bottom of any list but it just crossed my mind
  2. You can only press the test button with doors open. It's not a check box but a "button" so looks like a greyed out checkbox. You'd also need one for "hopper top up" as for scorp5 bellfruit you need to press test then hopper top up straight after to get into test mode... that said, I believe each layout has a different button assigned to hopper top up? No doubt someone with more experience will be about to put the record straight lol
  3. Meat spin dot com - warning definitely not safe for work or family What about -badger badger badger mushroom mushroom -do what you want cos a pirate is free (lol limewire) -look at my horse, my horse is amazing -splish splash I was taking a bath
  4. What about the other shock sites? One in particular "you spin me right round baby right round..." Used to use bigpockets.co.uk for my media and the like!
  5. Clone of jailbreak/kiss my axe/etc but with 7 seg LEDs. Think the 7 segs are done via an expansion board?
  6. Quick question... where the f*ck is the kitchen sink we were promised?
  7. Better put some clothes on when playing next time if reflections are now in
  8. Just firing it up again, shall report back... EDIT: Patched nicely, played MMR and seems more speedy, not sure if something I changed or something you changed. I did crash it after a bit bashing random buttons and keys and constantly switching between the VM and main OS. Assume you already know about it not showing "Red Reels"
  9. I messed about with Project Amber in a VM and myself and the devs were impressed that it ran on there too so had to try it haha
  10. Runs fine in VMWare apart from the S5 not kicking in. https://youtu.be/3n2m1kv638U EDIT: Got monopoly death row working, just a bit slow. Will tweak the VM specs some, it's currently only got 4GB RAM for example https://youtu.be/C5nDi-0w4oI
  11. Well I left win7 upgrading to win10 in vmware overnight. We'll find out later today how that goes
  12. Apparently Unity and VirtualBox don't play nice, but it works in VMWare, so will have to find some time to piss about with that.
  13. Nah it's all good, the videos give me a taster anyway. Might change the network settings and see if that helps... possibly disable adguard too. Hmm wonder if it could be down to my main connection being 4G
  14. Using VirtualBox mate. It won't work via WINE as I've not managed to get MFME v20 to go on there yet unfortunately. I do have a win 10 partition, but I'll save spoiling my uptime until you need some stuff testing hardcore lol
  15. Just shoved it on my VM, I get the unity screen, then AS window with a progress bar that gets about 1/4 of the way, then it crashes.
  16. Test machines and some machines in certain chains are connected to the internet these days too, so something would be noticed rather quickly.
  17. There will be a moody arcade owner that has your photo and will ban you for looking similar to it on account that you fraud the machines... or something
  18. Some of it haha! All working here btw. If you can't get it, reboot router and clear browser cache. Like the cherry favicon
  19. Hmm... was waiting for Wok N Roll to say "LET ME - SPELL IT OUT- WOK N ROLL IS FOR W I N N E R S ! !"
  20. Nah, the actual lamps fade in and out during attract. Will grab some videos next time I see one.
  21. Bellfruit and Betcom went through a phase more recently utilising this function of fading in and out on their more recent games
  22. Gathered a few resources myself over the years, roms, glasses, pictures, scans, flyers, manuals, etc. Pissed me off when I had uploaded a manual to the Mecca only to find I couldn't re download onto a different device it when I needed to. Not a lot but every little helps. Kind of lost interest now to be honest but if the opportunity came about I'd still grab stuff and forward to the relevant people.
  23. I also picked up on this. Very nice Reg
  24. This is my idea of hell. Can we get some DONDs instead of horrid reflexes Looking good as always mate
  25. Looks like this is going really well! As you well know, hit me up any time about anything and if I can help I will!
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