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  1. and tidying up where the price of play labels are as there too big and in the wrong place
  2. how did you lamp the machine and label lamps if you cannot get the machine to boot in to test
  3. strike gold is a clone of bank job go for gold the cops is scoprion 6
  4. Pirates of the carrabian not parrots
  5. 20p stake can do 80 quid runs on these
  6. the x factor 3 player is fair play/igt with a top box there isnt a picture of a image as there mega rare i have only seen 1
  7. no pumkin donuts roms around failed test anyway as its late 2017 it wouldnt run anyway betcom changed there way they did there roms
  8. please no more mash ups peoples eyes couldnt do popeye cash explorer made up with crazy fruit reels
  9. this is one of the first video games bellfruit did
  10. its zoom tech i think
  11. mr x

    party animal

    i like women chubby rough and ready to take it any angle that x rated enough for you
  12. mr x

    party animal

    too shoves and a push
  13. mr x

    Star Paws Classic

    the digi clone was bankers call
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