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  1. Yeah . There was a football themed one too cant remember the name of it tho.
  2. Ahh right thanks . Wonder if theres any still out there alive , probably been chopped up and made into a betcom
  3. it was a bellfruit £25/£35 basically an exact clone of a 'whats in your box' but with vampires and instead of a phone trail in the bottom right it was a clock . Win stopper would have to be hit at 12 o clock .
  4. Never saw any of these in the wild , devil of a deal clone . Did see a football themed one tho.
  5. I think the wiyb clone failed test , the win segment was at 12 o clock . Would love to own one but rare as rocking horse sh.. i wonder if any are still alive. I cant remember the name of the fish golden game it may have been a fish called wonga , was just a straight clone but with fish . Does anyone know if club fruits you sir rpms are available? ive checked a few mame sites but cant seem to find them.
  6. Can anyone remember the DOND Whats in your box clone ? It was a vampire themed game where instead of the phone in the bottom right it was a clock. Cant remember the name unfortunately anyone remember/have any images of this machine? Also on the topic of rare fruits does anyone remember an alien clone called big chief i think it was . Or has anyone ever seen the DOND golden game clone fish themed ? only ever saw one of each of these in the wild . Thanks
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