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  1. Thanks. looks like a nice update
  2. Fantastic, recently I bought myself a Microsoft Surface and have been using that to play some layouts on ther emulator, which got me to looking at costs of touch screens. Current thinking was look at a 24 inch touchscreen and build a second cabinet around that. Didn't even know they made these things, this stands my plan on its head. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Pete
  3. There was a well knackered Epoch (battery has virtually eaten the back of the board) which has Simpsons Roms and an old barcrest MPU 5 Monty Python. I'm travelling at the moment, but if anything is off any use to the scene I'll happily send them somewhere for someone to dump. Pete
  4. Good Evening, I purchased a couple of Cashflow C126 coin mechs for my Cabinet as the one I did have I managed to blow up..... always check the +ve and -ve..... Whilst I was collecting them from the seller, he said that he was giving up supplying machines and was clearing his old stock, I came away with a couple of touchscreens and some other various coin mechs, and also a box of random boards, don't know what most of them are or even if they just need to be put in the bin, thought I'd post here to ask. Apologies for the Image heavy post: Board 1: Board 2 Board 3 Board 4 Board 5 Board 6 Board 7 Board 8 Board 9 Board 10 Coin Mechs:
  5. Hi I can now see the pictures and I am having a similar issue, with the certificate reporting and being expired yesterday. Using a Sheep Dip VM, I can bypass the error and the site does load, but seems strange that a website would only have a 90 day certificate. Pete
  6. I see that this seller has a bundle of flyers available, if they are of any use, to the talented Layout makers, or for the archive, I'd be happy to buy them and donate them to the scene? Can even scan them at hires at work (600 or 1200 dpi up to A3) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Various-old-vintage-Fruit-Machine-Arcade-Quiz-Machine-A4-FLYERS/292883962382?hash=item44313e9a0e:g:QjYAAOSwLgpcHTPZ Pete
  7. Thanks for that Degsy, tried the Space invaders in the emulator and it's a bit of a pig when the mood takes it. Another great video, also enjoyed by one I watched last night on the rare Maygay with the Dot-Matrix.
  8. Thanks for all the videos through the last year, I think I've watched them all now. Look forward to the next instalment whenever that may be, family and commitments must come first. A very happy Christmas to you and the family and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Pete
  9. Another great video, I vividly remember getting a green monopoly in our local pub to streak for 30 odd quid profit back in the day, paid for my whole weekend, including a Chinese on the way home. I especially love the 'Naughty Daddy' from Degsy Junior at about 56:30. Don't think I've ever seem that Simpson's or That's life before, will be looking them up for a blast. Thanks again.
  10. Another great video, I also absolutely enjoyed every minute of it, I know that feeling of 'I really need to be doing 'xyz' but I'm just going to do this first and then I'll get on with it. I lose ages that way, especially if I disappear down the YouTube rabbit hole and then suddenly up and check the clock and see that 3 hours has past. I think I would have been chucking the keyboard at the wall after two hours though. Great vid well done choppers.
  11. Thank you again, loved this in the wild
  12. Thanks for yet another brilliant layout
  13. Another Great upgrade to a great machine
  14. Thank You for this, and thanks to Chopaholic for bringing these to my attention via his channel. Pete
  15. Many thanks for a great updated layout Pook, many many hours of hard work in all of these. Pete
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