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  1. I have somewhat working now. I can play it, and I get the coin/note effects. I can't get it to refill though. I press "S Door", wait for it to initialise to "Read meters?". Then when it gets to "Refill" I click Start and it gets to that screen that says something about how many coins you need to refill it to the 350 level, press Start again but it then just cycles to the next menu option and doesn't fill it. Sorry for the n00bness in asking all these questions
  2. Perfect! That worked first time, thank you! I'll remember that for future. Just out of curiosity, how do you put notes in? I've tried using the buttons listed but it never does anything
  3. I was playing fine for a few hours and then I filled up to £50 in coins and got a coin mech error. I thought clearing the RAM would clear it. But now I've got Hopper NP A3 error that I don't know how to clear. Can anyone help please?
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