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  1. Lol good spot Slasher. But you can't add special characters, in the font I was using.
  2. Nah mate, the buttons were brought from Ebay. But I will be changing them in the future.
  3. Completed it, also added a neat little feature button as the on/off switch.
  4. Cheers mate, I will give it a try.
  5. Cheers Luuk, I hope you are welll.
  6. Cheers Evo, I will do had a play about with those cheap zero delay board's. And for what I wanted it to do it wasn't bad. Pain in the backside when mapping buttons but I sorted it. But I messed up with my buttons panel. Woods too thick for the threads to catch. So I'm looking for another solution for that. But by tomorrow evening I should have a complete working cab Gonna be saving the ipac2 for my next project now.
  7. Thats mint mate, how did you Sync the LED's to the rom?
  8. Hi all hope you are well, Been working on a little lockdown project. I have no woodwork experience unless school counts? Over 15 years ago lol. Just waiting on my buttons, and ipac, speakers and amp to arrive. Not going to add a coin mech or hopper to this one. But my larger scaled project I will. Anyone got any pointers on making an emu payout with emulation? Stay safe,
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