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  1. Chris, Gone but never forgotten. You are one of the good guys, a guy that developed something phenomenal that allowed you to enjoy your hobby, and you shared it with us to allow us to enjoy our hobby too. A top bloke who devoted a lot of time, skill and effort over the years and never once asked anything in return from any of us. I used to be addicted to the machines years ago, and you have helped me overcome that. You have also brought back a lot of happy memories for me that I associate from past machines that, has only been possible because of you. You wanted to see us b
  2. I’ve just read this today, and I’m honestly shocked to hear this. This is really really sad Wizard has helped everyone on here by creating not just one but several versions of his classic emulator time and time again, each one better than the last. He has helped keep all of our memories of our classic and favourite games alive. Its thanks to Wizard for this, and for allowing designers to be able to make history with publishing their layouts, and for the reason we are all on here today. Wizard has also helped a community of people to come together. I’ve used from v2 all the w
  3. chriss82


    Did we get it answered though? Is the post in the right place
  4. chriss82


    Yeah mate I’ve just been busy with work and other stuff
  5. chriss82


    I did post this in emulator chat , is this where it’s supposed to go?
  6. chriss82


    @ Mort, I tried this and it works, so happy days The one I am playing has two different size layouts in the same folder, so when I adjusted one of them it’s done it to both, and it’s also saved it as well so I don’t need to do it again next time. Thanks again. PS, I take it changing the volume in each layout will be different but down similar lines as this
  7. chriss82


    Hi Dad, it’s High N Mighty Thanks
  8. chriss82


    Hi Guys Ive not been on here as often recently so I hope everyone is keeping well. Ive been playing a couple of the older layouts in mfme 19 but the sound on one of them is really low. I’ve had a look in mfme and on here to try turn the volume up but can’t see anything. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks, Chris
  9. chriss82

    Cash in Hand (Reflex)

    Never played this, hopefully will be DX’d soon, it looks fantastic
  10. Hi Anthony, you need to use mfme v19, got to the about section at the top right, a box will appear, click on check for updates and that will update to the most up to date version, which is 19 atm. Thanks
  11. Look forward to this one
  12. Thanks for this vecs, have downloaded and will give it a play
  13. Thanks. I Enjoyed playing this one in the wild. Layouts excellent
  14. many thanks, it plays well
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