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  1. Thanks Richy looks amazing. Also thanks for taking the time to revisit old layouts and bring them up to date. Plus not forgetting everyone's input from above that makes layouts possible. Pook Launton\Jonno AE Vectra666. Wizard. THANK YOU.
  2. Please dont go into detail on how you checked
  3. V Very nice there mate, looking good. Not surprised you spend most of your time there
  4. Hi and welcome to the Island, please enjoy your stay.
  5. Hi and welcome to the Island, please enjoy your stay.
  6. Cigarette holders Remember me gran having one when we went to visit.
  7. evo1

    My Amiga 520

    Becks to sum it up its a shit country in which we live. Am sorry to here about your boy mate, common sense has gone out the window and teachers are trained in first aid but whats the point if they dont use it. i know cause am up in arms at my little one school really does piss me off. But also 2 hours to get a jambulance its a joke, the government are a joke who gets us in this mess. Look becks am going to end it here or i will be banging on all night. I feel your pain and anger, your boy is strong mate everything will get better you take care of the future. I hope a speedy recovery.
  8. Hi and welcome.
  9. Hi and welcome.
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