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  1. Thank you Tommy nice look machine again not one iv played before. So this must of been done under licence from konami, i wonder how much that cost? Loved the arcade machine BITD hitting them two buttons like f**k. Thanks also to player for some fine resources.
  2. Top job Vec's thank you very much, looks like an old skool type machine with a feature board like that. Plus thanks to Player from mecca for the resources
  3. Thank you again, plus also for the flyer/pictures it really does help to place the classic to the machine.
  4. Thank you very much for your work on these classics.
  5. This Cashino was a good payer when it the £500's came out would jackpot alot along with elvis top 20 and party time slotto to get you sucked in. Now you have to gamble on the pie wheel to win £500.
  6. Watch for my hidden treasures on Sp ACE machines, this again give the player a whole new experience and i still cant believe the amount of machines that was knocking about of these and we are a lot missing from emulation. Camalot and Swop Shop two great games
  7. Phil, mate if your sure your not going to use them the kids would love em. But mate if you feel that you want to use them at some point dont feel that cause you said i could have them, you know what i mean. TBH Les Harkers is not that bad, they have a £5 Crazy fruits in there and most times if you pop in the £500 area in the middle you do win. But what does my head in is the staff walking around cause they walk fast, they come though the doors a bit quick for me and have a bit of a panic on for a split second. Just waiting at the moment for my lady with dates at work so i can book a caravan up in summer but was trying to get up wales in feb for a couple of days in half term. We will met up this year Phil and talk shit. Take care.
  8. Thank you Phil was hoping to try this someday, cause this is great stuff going on within FME.
  9. Ya have to agree with cliff, that Screen play game,as a whole brought a new meaning to amusement on fruit machine. Again as you say Big j......SKILL on cash counter, that has to be true skill, another one was skill on BFM's cash attraction And finally going back to the early days when Barcrest introduced G.A.I.N (Guarantee Against Imperfect Nudge)outstanding back in the day.
  10. Cheeky Bastards!! On the look next time i go to north wales with the kids and will be thinking this now. Thanks!!
  11. Again some impressive stuff going on here, cheers for posting, all saved for future reference.
  12. Thank for this, and that what you said above. QUALITY some of the best machines are the older ones. I wish there was an arcade near me that housed old machines like Mr P's i would be in there everyday. But in the mean time i will enjoy the old skool machines from yourself and others.
  13. maybe your are right http://www.fruitmachinemuseum.co.uk/#/gallery-4/4541693237 although cant find it in list of indexed machine in the link above? closest i got was king strike
  14. Sorry Dave i don't like it............... I love it! i do be leave the first MMM DX
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