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  1. evo1

    Blue Streak DX - PCP - MPS2

    Use to hate pcp machines back in the day,could never seem to win any money off the things,but again as iv got older seem to be loving the things now. Thanks Dave for taking me back down memory lane and for the update!
  2. evo1

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Again story's from different life's but all along the same line. Am glad in a way that we have learnt with these small jackpot machines, by today's high stakes,i would hate to think if what i was like then, now with story's of people losing homes etc.
  3. evo1

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Excellent video as always nice to see that i wasn't the only one who had problems of placing there last bit of money in these hoping to win! Few e.g's Met a girl a week later arranged to meet as i was guaranteed a ride( you get me) but no got all booted and suited and just popped in the slots lossed all my money never saw her again. The amount of times iv got down to my bus fare home, the last pound! but convinced myself i will win with it and lossed and had to walk 7 miles to get home. Arranged a night out with the lads again all booted and suited got up there only to end up in the slots and lossed the lot then making up reason why i didnt meet. Its pretty sad really now when i look back but money was tight with only being on YTS at the time. Iv even got payed Friday morning £35 YTS and being in the slots at dinner lost the lot,no money all week not even for a bus pass to get me to work FFS Why did we do it????
  4. evo1

    Andy Capp DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Again this was one of those machines that i would only play on the way out/just passing,back in the day as never liked/or got into andy capp. But with been able to relive my youth in MFME its not that bad of a game. I just didnt see what all the fuss was about at the time. Thank you
  5. evo1

    Power Lines DX - BFM - Scorpion 1

    Many thanks,Dave for the update,this was one of the first machines i asked for when i first joined fruit emu as use to play this a lot in the wild back in the day but only ever saw one. But again a basic machine that payed well.
  6. evo1

    New Members / Zero Posters

    Rightly so!!!! What these people have to remember is 1 The work that the creator of MFME (Wizard) Has to spent updating and improving MFME,which at the end of the day none this would be possible and i wouldn't be typing this!!! 2 The quality of work from layout designers and time spent on countless hours to produce and update layouts. 3 The work that goes into running/maintaining and paying for sites to host such great work. 4 The time spent by members going though layouts and giving you fixes,so you can carry on playing. 5 Time spent by members who make and upload videos which again take time for us all to enjoy and promote MFME. 6 The money you save by not playing these fruits in the wild but playing for FREE!!! 7 Memories!!!!! WHICH ARE PRICELESS. At the end of the day just look at what YOU get for FREE!! Yes we all live busy life's and maybe haven't got time to get involved as much as you like,. But please consider this,get involved or even just DONATE a few pounds from where you download your fruits from. It be here at DESERT ISLAND. DADs FME. FRUIT EMU. MPU MECCA. THANK YOU.
  7. evo1


    Hi and welcome......shocking having junk all over a fruit machine like that
  8. evo1

    Post count to remain active

    Nice to see you pair are still knocking about. Never had the chance to say thank you for the layouts you pair have done. Some great layouts and without you mfme land would be as is today. Thank you!!!! Ha, wayfinder you still going to be updating your fruits? Some 80s classics there.
  9. evo1

    My fave fruit machine

    Hi and welcome enjoy your stay but more important get involved!
  10. evo1


    Hi and welcome enjoy your stay but more important get involved!
  11. Thanks Dave funny one this,we had it in are arcade but very rare i played it,maybe on the way out if i had a pocket of tokens i may put one in, it just didn't appeal to me. But having played it on mfme it not that bad of a game, but there's been a few that i didn't enjoy/like back in the day but now love.
  12. evo1

    Big Breakfast DX - BFM - Scorpion 2

    Thanks Dave for your continuing updates of great machines of the past.
  13. evo1

    Howdy howdy!

    Welcome back,anything in the pipeline from yourself after that great work you did on homers?
  14. Welcome hope you enjoy your stay,i feel your pain mate but learnt the hard way,but found happiness in mfme land
  15. evo1


    Hi and welcome enjoy your stay but more important get involved!