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  1. Nice looking machine. Not one that i really played back in the day,used to give this one a miss as it wasn't made by any well known manufacturer and i bet it was a good machine to play as will find out soon.
  2. evo1

    Apache Gold DX - Empire - MPU4

    Thanks again to all involved Mojo - Classic Gary - Existing £25 DX WAC - Testing
  3. Another one iv missed Thank you to all involved Fishsta - Classic Retrofruit - Flyer WAC - Testing Wizard - Testing v6
  4. evo1

    Nudge Banker DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Thanks Dave missed this.
  5. evo1

    Site Update - Live Thread...

    No snow please 20hr shifts then 11 hrs break than back to another 20hr shift. No thanks!!! and as for this sun/heat to much now out in it all day well till 2 o clock cause H&S says its to hot and go home. But try working in it for 9hrs.
  6. Hi Masha welcome,mfme has come a long way from days of old as you maybe well aware. Please enjoy the new mfme. As for contributing any flyers,glass scans,roms of fruit machines of past would be nice. Or maybe consider making a small donation to the site. But more importantly try and get involved. Enjoy your stay.
  7. evo1

    Hey all :)

    Hi Ciaran welcome to desert island. Are you really a DJ??? If so what sort of music you mix/listen to?
  8. Hi and welcome please feel free to start a post maybe and share your progress as you go along. Enjoy your stay
  9. evo1


    Hi and welcome Sheffield,used to work on the fair myself and lets just say i would never touch fruits on a funfair but that's going on past history. Anyways enjoy your stay.
  10. evo1


    Salut et bienvenue à l'île déserte, jetez un coup d'oeil autour et profitez de votre séjour.
  11. evo1

    Re Releases

    Am only guessing as i haven't a clue. P.S 2 weeks of this heat,but at least i get to finish work early?
  12. evo1

    Red Arrow Dx

    Am interested Tommy, nice looking update there as i said before cant thank you guys enough for the time and dedication you put in these updates/classic's and DX's. Sorry Tommy should of replied last night as i did see post but was just passing though.
  13. evo1

    Re Releases

    Could possibly be DOND's ???? Or maybe he means any old layouts that need updating place in here, but you guys knew that and am the slow one here?????
  14. evo1


    Hello,am very well thank you. Enjoying the sunshine.
  15. evo1

    Bullseye DX - Associated Lesuire - MPU3

    Well thats one from my childhood i never thought i would get to play again!!!!!!!!!!! and yes mp3 goodness. The great days of fun in an arcade as a kid were money didnt mean anything and when on holiday with mum and dad kept going back and asking for more money,only to be told, do one were playing bingo. So would end up walking round the arcade and looking to see if any pushers had dropped any coins. Classic!!!