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  1. Again thank you. Excellent redrawing skills you have and great choice of old machines. Something which i never thought i would see get saved into MFME world.
  2. Thank you Tommy for more great updates for the new mfme.
  3. Thank you Vecs for more great 90's memories.
  4. Very nice work indeed on such a great era, of the start of my fruit machines days watching my dad play these mpu2 machines. Great to have such talent in the community do these old machines. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Dave, not really a clubber fan but been as its an ACE machine i will give this a go.
  6. Thank you very much. Looks very nice.
  7. One of the best games ever for skill cash.
  8. TBH and i dont want to blow a tumpet for Reg(or am i saying this wrong) But Reg has spent time and money here in promoting FME with a new site, payed for ads in magazines(which clearly puts fruit emu on the ad). ALLOWED members to come up with fresh ideas and taken them on board. Brought Dx-cellent along for the ride. Now you would of thought that fruit emu would embark on this journey as it free promotion for there site and used it to an advantage been as it hosts a lot of older FME layouts, to me its a no brainier but a win win situation. What about the money thats been held in the pot to buy resources dont think iv seen that been used in a long time. this is not a dig at fruit emu here cause members have to get together and decide if its worth spending the money, just never seems to get use?? i stand corrected if am wrong.
  9. Phone camera! Not bad for a phone. My samsung A3 2016 can be a bit funny sometimes goes blurry if you don't catch it right.
  10. Bit off topic here Reg, but what camera are you using if you don't mind me asking. Knowing you Reg its some top of the range £500+ (well out of my price range) camera. But joking apart great quality pictures them, and was looking at upgrading my camera sometime in the future.
  11. Nice move there Dad, didn't know the history of the arrangement of Alex with your site so ya glad that this was done at the time which saved DAD's. Also dad glad you didn't chuck in the towel as you have made great layouts over the years and it would be a same to lose someone like yourself from the scene. Long may it continue. lo tech's are some of the best, Thank you DAD. Thanks also to Reg for again moving the scene forward. Plus everyone else who makes everything else happen.
  12. Some very nice classics in there, plus some we don't have. Ya bit over priced? But to someone who has the spare cash/rich and the room then maybe not. Thanks though for posting the link some nice memories there
  13. Well my donations/member thing is going to be cut back this year across, as money is a bit tight at the mo, so with that in mind if not get a service and no willingness to move things forward and be left in the past. Why should i??? Sorry if i speak at of turn here but members have ask a number of time to sort the downloads section out, the site its self hasn't been updated in god knows how many years. Am not saying that am not going to not pay but downgrade my member to bronze, its a shame really as site has great potential.
  14. Its like prostitutes knickers, up/down.
  15. Would just like to thanks again to Matty, as my monitor came today from ebuyer and am really pleased great picture. sorry photo taken using phone which doesn't do it justice.
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