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  1. Random???? if its random does that mean the machine could not make a profit? Either way still cant win on things, all bad!!! Go back to small awp's just for the entertainment tokens inc. Thanks as always Degsy.
  2. Very nice again as with all creators work but time spent on a redraw well!! Just look at it, stunning! Plus you keep bring them old skool machines to us something we would miss out on if it wasnt for people like yourself willing to do what you do. Thank you.
  3. Nice lo tec here. Thanks Vecs for using your time knocking this up.
  4. Many thanks for sharing German fruits over here.
  5. Thank you for bring another exclusive to the table.
  6. Thank you for the little brothers, big brother.
  7. Not one for clubbers but will grab it and have a go to appreciate the work that goes into doing these. Thank you.
  8. Try reinstalling Mfme again, and doing the updates just a thought.
  9. evo1

    Bikes !

    Just seen a notification pop up saying you replied Phil and i thought for a min, o no whats he put comment wise That quite tame for you!!!!
  10. Thanks for the video, better than any tv very enjoyable as regards a comment you made in the vid. "If anyone knows what am doing wrong" i know you mean about the machine but your doing nothing wrong video wise, a natural funny as!!!!!
  11. evo1

    Bikes !

    Here's mine total original in space blue MK2 Chopper
  12. evo1

    Bikes !

    I would like to ride her in white t shirt
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