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  1. As far as i remember - the only way top gives nothing is with the diamonds - cant do £0.00.......
  2. I posted the below elsewhere - but it definitely applies to this site as well I must confess, i cannot program or emulate for toffee, and am therefore not the best at contributing to sites like these, However, i would like to give a massive thank you to all those who do dedicate their free and precious time into emulating these machines from yesteryear... I, for one, am eternally grateful - and would say that your hard work does NOT go unnoticed or unappreciated. Also - if i can be of assistance (play testing, filling a machines cashpots, or anything really) give me a shout! Many many thanks! P.s.... if someone happens to have the roms for a barcrest machine - possibly failed test - called Sylvester the Jester, I would love to see this emulated! Throw a Wobbler would be pretty awesome too.
  3. The Vegas poker is an oddity as well - seems to be a progressive(ish) £500 jackpot - £1 a go - with hands holding to the next credit, rather than a draw like most poker games. Was not aware BWB made any of these
  4. Good stuff Matty - thanks, This appears to be an early Rom ser, with reversible gambles and a true skill 2nd feature on 10p play - i wonder how far behind this can be forced??
  5. My local arcade firm, who owned 4 in the town, had a NUdge XS where the RAM battery was f***ed - result was £30-40 token streak every morning, then they would turn it off to wait for a refill - if this didnt happen til the afternoon, then voila! They moved it too two different sites before they eventually fixed it..... booo.........
  6. Maybe these are completely random (or as random as a computer generated random number can be)
  7. Thanks - i am a member on their as well so will take a nosy
  8. Thanks Tommy - seems to be fine at moment - will bear this in mind for any tricky ones in the futre. Loving your stuff BTW
  9. Thanks for the reply John, I am check updates every time I load it, it is running on 19.5.... Morts suggested solution has worked perfectly so all good.
  10. Thanks Mort - i dont mind what version it is - this one of my best machines as a young 20 something, four of them in pubs in my local town - all always streak happy - I almost bought a Kandora!
  11. Thanks - the unextracted files are below, Appreciate itg Club Costa Del Cash 1280DX.zip 89989-Sheik1024.rar
  12. Hi, I have downloaded some older games - opening in MFME5.1 so can save and use 19.1. The vast majority have worked perfectly - many many thanks to all involved - im revisting my youth in some awesome ways. However some games (inc Sheik your money and Costa Del Cash) come up with the above error alarm when inserting coins. I have tried jiggling the settings as per the thread on mpu3 problems, and also resetting ram as advised but to no avail - can anyone point me in the correct direction, Im a bit of a noob when it comes to this - any help would greatly apprciated
  13. Funnily enough, he was my store manager, and was promoted to a regional manager, so yes saw him for years afterwards.....
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