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    Vying for longest title in fruie machine history - certainly one of the most words.........
  2. Try donating......... the site is not here to make money - but to support a community and that incurs charges, A small donation will help the site to continue so that you can access the machines in the first place, and will change your maximum downloads significantly. I donate a little bit each year - and the pleasure i derive from the site - and the hours of enjoyment mean i am basically paying next to nothing for quality entertainment. (I would like to pay more - my finances do not allow that - and yet every donation i do make is met with genuine thanks) Thats my take anyway.
  3. Well - without donating - you still get free access to 15 a month - generous if you doing absolutely nothing in exchange - pretty sure no advertising revenue for the site either. I make modest donations - and i mean very modest - once a year. For me this is amazingly good value for money as it gives me hours of entertainment. Donate - get the unlimited downloads and jobs a good un. You may also find that you want to get more involved with the forums once this in place.
  4. Im sure in one episode The Major actually plays the damn thing....... at least in the background anyway..... Incidentally - for anyone who does appreciate the retro vibe - Southport Pier has a cafe/bar at the end. and one half of this is an "arcade" which is more of a museum. There is about 25-30 old old old machines - all in working condition, and you can buy old pennies to play them with. Its pretty cool actually.
  5. Bizarrely enough... there are even professional ticket machine players! Has anyone seen the one where you have to drop 6 balls into the exact right 6 slots on a rotating wheel with about 50 slots, to win a jackpot usually in excess of 10000 tickets? There is 4 in a row in one of the Blackpool piers, we watched a youngish couple take all 4 jackpots in under 15 mins. Cost them at most £20...... and 50k of tickets does give some decent prizes..... Lots of the non-fruit machine type games are skill games and decent players always have a decent chance at the JP. (of course, they won't pay out multiple JP's close together - they become non skill for a while)
  6. i tend to use the legacy section for all my downloads..... new stuff is added there pretty regularly and most (but certainly not all) of the games do have roms and work just fine
  7. Your channel will be sorely missed... the youtube notification that a Degsy vid was available was always a source for happiness. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in down the years - I have really appreciated it across the years. I totally agree with you if it needed to go - fair enough - I an still eternally grateful. Hope work continues to go well and that you continue to prosper.
  8. Hahahaha I think that's why I can just play both of them for hours. So much going on. £15 JPM's were pretty damn good.
  9. Now.... I thought JPM were pretty fair in their programming with no evil tricks. Having a mess about on Cracker on the emulator tonight - I love this game... and I trapped it - super notes and I could step to a 12 to collect Hi Lo Notes For those that don't know - on this feature, you get the note equivalent to the number you are on, and then a Hi Lo for another win. The 12 number on super is a JP.... so me thinks, £15 plus a guaranteed win when going lower than the 12 - cos JPMS don't mess about. When the £15 banked, before my hi lo gamble - the machine flipped the number to a 5! At least it wasn't a critical error i suppose!
  10. Thanx That's just f***ed up...... imagine playing it as a poor kid on a day trip with his family straight after. Also - £60 bank limit on a 5p play machine. Designers were crazy.....
  11. One of the Only Fools and Horses machines would roll in consecutive Jackpots. It was a 5p £6 all cash machine (just after the £10 JP's came into play). Was usually 4 or 5.
  12. The features from 11th Heaven and up are all JP or equivalent features - so always collect these. Shockwave is the trickiest of them - you would take 11th Heaven on a guaranteed number rather than Shockwave You can either collect value and wait for an opportunity, or semi force for 11th Heaven, collecting value after. Look out for the red boxes for hidden features on nudges (and occasionally Super Hold) as a number of these will give a shot at JP as well. Important to not mess up either Steppa or Big shot off the bonuses. If forced, or played for through 11th Heaven JP can repeat up to £60.... but if collecting wins for value will be a flat £15. In theory, Big 50 can pay £50..... I have never seen more than £30. Have fun - the JPM's from this era are fantastic - check out Arcadia and Cracker!
  13. @infection Its a direct clone of Chav It, which has been emulated if you're interested.
  14. @logopolis on Big Top it can go JP, £2 £2 for a £19 total...... Same profile, just wins very slightly different as Big Top is £2, £5 £10 £15 on the feature. Same totals for most of the sequences though - especially the bigger ones. I also have had £75, £75 JP start IRL..... but it let me down as the last one was £19.....
  15. They are the same... JP start is either £19 if followed by £2 or £75 if followed by a fiver..... (might have been a tenner on big top - honestly cannot remember)
  16. My best in real life on a Big top was £75, £75 £52...... it had cost me a tenner...... It was on unit 3... funny as fuck though cos i had been waiting for unit one... and a cunt I knew sprinted the length of the arcade to get on it before me whilst i was collecting a bank out on rollercoaster. I was cursing him and giving him some serious shit - i mean he knew i was waiting for it.... and what he did was totally against the players code. He lost over £100 on his... and whilst he was stuck on it... I cleaned up!
  17. Welcome to losing hours of your life. IMO this site is just amazing. Such a wealth of classics machines available, and like you, would just like to say a massive thanks as always to the site runners, and the layout designers. If any of you are ever in my neck of the woods - Southport - 1st rounds on me. Slainte!
  18. I bought this when it came out - sold it 18 months ago when i was out of work and hard up. I got £350 for it at the time I was gutted to part - but had to do it. Such an awesome game - Saturn's had far more processing power than the PS rival which killed them off - but was a bugger to program for hence designers flocking to Sony. This game utilised all its power and was a beauty to behold and play. They don't make them like this anymore.....!
  19. Shocked and stunned. How does anyone think that is an acceptable way to behave? Never mind on a forum of peeps interested in the same hobby, or memories of the past. Truly bizarre. Thumbs ups to the prompt removal!
  20. @eagle64 Thats the one.... thank you
  21. Funnily enough - i loved this cabinet. But maybe thats because so many of them were so playable....
  22. I found that invariably, if you got a feature entry board which started with a bonus, a 2nd JP was available before it cost the same amount back. If machine was super happy and started on Add again - you could take three pots out. Don't think this was common knowledge - but it was definitely the case. These were decent earners for me.
  23. MikeyMonster

    Top Giza Video

    Wow - I definitely never saw this IRL, and £70 reds were my bread and butter for a couple of years. Looks aweseome
  24. Am I mistaken, or did this also work on the £1000 club version early roms?
  25. Yeah..... I know what you mean. Being stuck on a game and having to wait for the guide to be printed in a magazine! None of that malarkey nowadays.........
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