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  1. Time for an upgrade....
  2. Patience, someone may be along sooner or later who may have the answer... Don't panic !!!! Although saying that, if no one else is having the issue, it may be your PC that is at fault...
  3. Speaking of ...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/V3-0-Fruit-Machine-Emulator-DVD-PC-Laptop-Simulator-Slot-WIndows-10-Tablet-Game/223635838545?epid=13006596298&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3411bc1651:g:wZYAAOSwNe9dQJ6F Didn't take long....
  4. Thank you for the reply.
  5. Had a bit of bother with MFME and Norton.... Not sure what is happening and what is being picked up but the link below says it is quite aggressive? https://www.virusresearch.org/heur-advml-c-trojan-removal/
  6. Very good. Thank you for the time and effort. Definite talent there. Thank you.
  7. Mavroz

    Reflex Roms?

    Maybe sc6 and mpu6 software isn't encoded or encrypted then as when viewing the rom data, some does seem legible.
  8. Mavroz

    Reflex Roms?

    Would this be the same for Pluto 6 and mpu 6?
  9. Mavroz

    Reflex Roms?

    There are some around I believe but may be Sc6.
  10. Mavroz


  11. Mavroz


    Haha, I have always been useless at this sort of game, even more useless than other things I am useless at. Could never get to grips with them whether on Speccy, C64 or even emulators now..... First thing i looked for and look for now is Cheat Mode!
  12. Are you sure they are Ewes and not Rams? If you are unsure or confused I can point out the differences mate. Haha, on a more serious note, everything you have done in the pics looks fantastic. You should be very proud. Nice one.
  13. Thanks. I will try a couple of other places, would prefer a copy of some bands.
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