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    newer 100s

    I am afraid this is not going to happen here. Real fruit machines are a dying breed with companies going to the wall and we need to be respectful for their product. This site will never host anything that I am aware of that is younger then three years old for a company that is still present and with us. For all the years the scene has been running the companies have been 100% good to the community and let us do our stuff - I have no intention of pissing them off. We are here because of the love of Fruit Machines and if we did anything like that - we would be cutting off our own noses. We are in strange times here - work is even more crazy for reasons I won't go into based on what is happening in the world and when I get a nice chance to return beyond browsing to FME and start making more classics - I want this site to still be here. The side part of this - is do collect resources - when the three year marker passes - think of the wonderful things that can be made. @ALL: Please respect the three year rule.
  2. Yes. Here is the thread... In that thread is a link to downloadable instructions.
  3. Yeah I am good thank you - but very busy. Hope that you and yours are all ok as well.
  4. View File Fever Pitch This is something we used to do once - football... Submitter Reg Submitted 25/03/20 Category Voodoo Games  
  5. A fine piece of work here. I remember building something like this... ...see pics and video below. You my friend have shown how to do this right. I love the idea what you've done with the buttons here and used real buttons and such. That looks simply brilliant. Not that I will, but if I was ever to do this again - I'd use your idea as a base good idea for doing this. Great work... 10/10 ...in my eyes.
  6. Pots of Plenty is 2018 April.
  7. @Mort many thanks for this. I can't wait to try at the weekend. Thank you.
  8. Yes please. Years ago I used to play Outrun 2 on the Xbox and absolutely loved it - it's such a pity that was not currently available on PC's at least to my knowledge. I cannot believe the timing of your post, I had pulled out the loft during my clear ancient consoles and was looking at that remembering Outrun in it a couple of nights ago. Any download links to support the limited time I have would be brilliant as well - thank you. :)
  9. View File Knight Life Only posting this as it's been asked for and one that I had done. This is nowhere near anything like the best I can do for a classic and is not even using the borders that I am always using, just shows its age. This is purposely unlocked so somebody can learn from it or make a DX, don't really care TBH. Enjoy a low quality DX that somebody may make into something better. Submitter Reg Submitted 23/02/20 Category Global  
  10. Yes, I did this a few years ago - I'll post it.
  11. You are out of downloads. There are restrictions on people that don't support so you will have to wait for the timer to release.
  12. Three Years please. We must respect the vendors.
  13. Reg

    ZX Spectrum Next

    Nope. I got the accelerated one so wait until the Base units ( done ), plus units ( I think in progress ) and then the Accelerated ones will be built. I reckon a couple of weeks - it's like two years overdue so what is a few more days !
  14. Hiya - donation tab is on the front page of the portal. Thank you.
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