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  1. YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Welcome to your YouTube Thread and thank you for your kind comments. I was just clicking through to respond to a PM, if was about a site issue and I see that I had got @Tommy c problem fixed with this phone ( this is why the chatbox will be cleared every week as per the link I now have in it ) and I saw this. Simply put - a pleasure to have you on the shores here and you're always welcome.
  2. Pole Position Club

    Here you go...
  3. Chatbox - History

    Reg 13 Feb 9:32 PM Good Lord - it's a Chatbox... ...well darn, that's it and everything is blown... ...better take a look a site news if you love or hate these ! Reg 13 Feb 10:26 PM @A:E The public WIP section is now done. A:E 13 Feb 10:39 PM Great stuff spa 13 Feb 11:04 PM YO! Reg 13 Feb 11:09 PM SPA !!!! chasnbons 14 Feb 8:39 AM wearecity 14 Feb 10:08 AM Hi everyone, I'm new here slippery 14 Feb 10:23 AM morning peeps :-) Reg 14 Feb 11:16 AM Morning - I am at work and should not be looking at this ATM... chasnbons 14 Feb 11:26 AM Reg you are very naughty! Please consider yourself admonished! Chopaholic 15 Feb 8:03 AM I want a crown! niallquinn 15 Feb 6:51 PM I want a cock. Johnnyafc 15 Feb 7:13 PM Mmmm Anal Reg 16 Feb 8:46 AM No crows or crowns vectra666 16 Feb 9:46 AM Balls SocialDragon368 16 Feb 9:13 PM What time are you releasing your next layout? evo1 16 Feb 10:37 PM Just watched Chopaholic's video on first time Emulation Memories enjoyed it TBH nice to know some history,behind mfme and when it all started Thanks Degsy nails 17 Feb 7:58 AM Morning all Reg 17 Feb 10:16 AM Good Morning Nails. Pook 17 Feb 3:28 PM I can post now thanks Reg, but got nothing to say now. Pook 17 Feb 3:29 PM Ohh apart from we just had an earthquake here! Though my legs were going for a minute there. niallquinn 17 Feb 5:23 PM Had enough of this bollocks, can we knock down the Stadium Of Light and put Wearmouth Colliery back in it's place? As least there was productivity and hard work then. Reg 17 Feb 5:46 PM @Pook Damn it ! That is on my bucket list, survive an EarthQuake ! Pook 17 Feb 5:52 PM Haha news said it was 4.9, centred in Swansea but still felt it here. Off to find a volcano now. Altharic 17 Feb 8:28 PM Won't have done much damage in Swansea vectra666 17 Feb 11:23 PM live in west gloucestershire felt it here, i didn't but others did, suppose if it was further south it would've been in bristol channel we'd of had a tsunami warning lol becks 18 Feb 2:32 PM Trying to find mfme 6 , any assistance , thanks Altharic 18 Feb 2:42 PM Fruitemu.co.uk is a good start wearecity 18 Feb 5:17 PM I've converted Club Big Money from jpemu to MFME. Find it over in the DIY layouts thread at fruit-emu http://www.fruit-emu.com/foru...784-layout-diy-fixes/page-27 Geddy 18 Feb 5:49 PM Jesus Daves! evo1 18 Feb 9:17 PM Cheers wearcity for the heads up almost forgot about that topic with not going of there much. Does anyone know whats happening with fruit emu apart from alex been hopefully on the mend,is pete w having a look or is the whole thing been knocked on the head??? with no one updating us evo1 18 Feb 9:19 PM And is the time out on this chatbox thing it just taken me 17 mins to write that above Reg 18 Feb 11:15 PM Yes - I cannot control the server time... Pete ! Pete ! ...the clock is wrong ! evo1 19 Feb 1:17 AM Really only asking,cant see how he would help anyways. Reg 19 Feb 7:56 AM He does my hosting so I suspect that the time we see here is relevant to the master server time. I believe I am running off a shared time-source that is wrong by a few minutes. evo1 19 Feb 9:01 AM Ah that would explain why also the time is out over on fruit emu often wondered as i tryed adjusting the the time zone in setting and getting know were drpepper 19 Feb 5:24 PM can you edit the delay on MFME6.0? i seem to recall you could make gameplay shit fast on earlier versions wearecity 19 Feb 5:39 PM No you can't, everything is set to run at the machines/techs correct speed. If you're looking at putting clubbers and £70 in happy moods, you could try the autoplay function, which is explained on these forums and degsy degsworth youtube channel. SocialDragon368 20 Feb 4:29 PM does anyone have the roms for johnnyafc's machines he found pictures of? Reg 21 Feb 7:36 AM There maybe part roms for some of them - would need investigating - have you checked against Geddy’s rom dat ? wearecity 23 Feb 3:58 AM Want to know how the 15 year old MFME v1.1 came to the rescue, then read here http://www.fruit-emu.com/foru...784-layout-diy-fixes/page-27 , a nice converted DX will be your reward SocialDragon368 23 Feb 8:18 PM I found QPS Vampire Payer Roms. nails 23 Feb 8:25 PM evening all Reg 23 Feb 9:50 PM Evening Nails Altharic 23 Feb 10:37 PM Whens wizzy gonna fix touch screens in mfme? MikeyPosh 24 Feb 6:38 PM hey up bartles91 24 Feb 8:02 PM Hi everyone bartles91 24 Feb 8:03 PM Just signed up to here - been on fruit-emu for a number of years, but never ventured outside of it. What's the deal with the game downloads? Which programs do they run on? Thanks in advance for your help! Wizard 24 Feb 8:35 PM MFME V6
  4. Chatbox - History

    This is simply a locked and pinned post to keep the history of the Chatbox. It will be cleared down every once in a while and the contents posted here.
  5. Pole Position Club

    Real life has me way too busy at the moment with study for work, trips away and lots of other stuff that is getting in the way. Hopefully normal service resumed in a week or so with being around a bit more during the week. One thing I want to do, is keep the weekend releases going - so popping on to give you this one... THIS NEEDS YOU TO INSTALL A FONT FROM THE "FONT" DIRECTORY IN THE DOWNLOAD
  6. Chatbox

    Just passing through - been very busy this weekend. I can fix this, but it's one or the other to be honest. If you want it totally removed, I can pop you in a group without it. Drop me a PM please letting me know. I'll do it when online fully tomorrow evening.
  7. T777 Heaven

    So you see what I did there...
  8. WTD - £70 Reflex Game+Sound Roms

    I'll build them - just as any other .FML artist will - we just need some good soul like the chap who provided the Concept roms to help. We are also in a world where I'll make reasonable classics and it's not long after they're lifted to make good DX's - this is a good place to be TBH and if somebody has access, we can even not say where they came from ( like the Concept stuff ), then everyone gets the layouts.
  9. Resource Downloads & Uploads / Gallery

    There is nothing stopping you, have you even tried ? Do you not see what I am seeing above ?
  10. Chatbox

    They've changed something. We joined a queue of about 1,000+ people. They are checking "absolutely" everything and this was the passports with the scanners. Signs up everywhere that everything will be checked. I think that the passport scanners do not work - if your password did not scan immediatly, they put you into another queue.
  11. T777 Heaven

    BFM brought this strange update to us.
  12. T777 Heaven

    No picture for a point of reference for the £70 version of this machine, I did my best given what was available.
  13. Following a request for a downloads area for resources, you now have it here... Downloads ...you can UPLOAD your creations here. I am happy to add more catagories to this bit if needed. Please make use of it, espeically @vectra666 who asked for it. You have always had full access to the Gallery which is here... ...there is an area there for uploading flyers, machine pictures and you should be able to create your own members gallery should you want.
  14. Chatbox

    I wonder...
  15. Chatbox

    Fixed - it was a mistake on me. Too tired to look at anything else tonight having just fought through Heathrow and the longest passport control queue that has ever existed that I've even been in. That too way too long. I spent less time in the air then in that queue.