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  1. Reg


    Welcome to this site. Welcome to day 1 of being new !
  2. Reg


    Welcome to this site.
  3. Reg

    70s & 80s Electronic Toys

    @fatdad I would very much like to move into your attic for a couple of weeks please !
  4. Reg

    My Little Intro....

    Welcome to this site ( and DX'Cellent for additional great content ) along with Desert Island Retro if you like retro stuff - basically three sites for the price of one ! There is no waffle, it is all fond and hopefully great memories.
  5. Reg

    28 Plays Later

    There is no DOND prize reel that I recall on this. Sorry don't have it loaded at the moment - but if there is, then this was done before Shift+C was implemented and not switching it to a mirrored reel would be an oversight.
  6. I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, I have been a fan since I was a very small child. The first episode I remember is the one with the giant spiders where Sarah Jane-Smith literally had it on her back. I was terrified – I hated spiders anyway. The first Doctor Who think I really remember having is the Doctor Who Monster Book with the pull out poster that my parents insisted on putting above my bed. The effects back then were crude but you know what, they were fit for purpose and until Star Wars came along – they were good effects. My grandfather watched that episode with me hurried me to bed before my parents got back. He was babysitting. They found out – I could not keep my mouth shut or sleep and then they started to allow me to watch more Doctor Who. I remember being able to watch the last episode of the first Tom Baker story with the giant robot and then slowly more and more. Basically I grew up with the good Doctor. I own all the DVD’s that were released in their original format, I own some Blu’s until the latest batch that I have not caught up on and I would watch every episode on TV until now. Today it occurred to me that it was just propaganda driven by the PC correct brigade that had turned what was a pretty good program into pure shit. This is nothing to do with Jodie, although she’s not good at working with the rubbish they give her and she pulls this stupid ( meant to be cute dumb look with her top lip all the time ). Not this is because the BBC have turned Doctor Who into a documentary. I walked by the TV and one of the retro type old channels was on. It had an episode with David Tennant and Donna Noble as an assistant. There was Dalek’s, explosions and lots of running around. When you reflect on what Doctor Who now is – it’s a great piece of visual recording with lovely looking landscapes and panning cameras. Lot’s of historic talking about Rosa Parks and the partitioning of India – but my god… …the BBC have killed the fun in the program. After many decades, much spent on this – we really are at the Death of the Doctor. Thank you BBC for wasting what was a good program and making it into a documentary and somehow sapping and draining every ounce of fun from it. If I want some heavy history I'll read about historical events - thank god I have my old DVD's and you know what, if the current writing team leave - perhaps the current cast will be given something useful to work with. If anyone watches Doctor Who still, if they manage to make a decent eposide of the program with the awful writing skills they have - please give me a shout on here. I would love to watch an eposide with Jodie and companions given something to work with that is fun and a good blast for an hour or so.
  7. Reg


    Welcome to this site - if you have any questions - then please ask. Thanks.
  8. Reg

    Streets of Rogue

    The non-retro game that does retro better then retro itself. This is a fantastic little game that has everything going for it in terms of gameplay and fun and juse oozes that retro feel. The thing is, it is not a retro game whatsoever. This is a newish PC type game that is running an old style game - bigger - better and bolder then what you would have seen in years. It does everything just right and there isn't a Mary Whitehouse in sight to complain about the chaos that you can create here. This video turned out a little longer then I had planned, but I needed show the escalation and the changes in the game play - along with the fact that every game will be different when you play this - no two cities will every be the same and the fact you can control so many details about your character means that it's almost an RPG-lite type game. Oh yes, if you have friends - you can also play with them...
  9. Reg

    What did you buy today ?

    I think I had that calc once. That is not a bad buy - bootfairs are brilliant - one persons rubbish is another persons treasure. Out of interest - is this not the off season for car boot fairs ? All the ones near me are closed until March / April and then they kick in again.
  10. Reg

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    So you spent six minutes talking about your monitor without telling us excatly what you purchased ! 😆
  11. Reg

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    It's new mate - I opened it up once we'd made @Pook and his area improved and very much like it's own micro-site. It also gives even more publicity to designers like yourself, you appear twice on the front page ( files and releases feeds ) plus the Members Layouts tab at the top.
  12. Reg

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Thank you for this, is a bloody old one ! Feel free to uploaded it here as well - you have full access to the Downloads area as an FML Artist. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/18-jpm/ It'll also appear in other places on the site there as well.
  13. Pleasure and thank you for the uploaded and the work you do - getting us to see games that we would not normally see.
  14. Reg

    D.N.A Red Gaming Wdx

    Thank you for this - doing at little catch up at the moment ! Feel free to use the downloads as well should you wish, .FML Artists can now upload to this area. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/16-red-gaming/
  15. Thank you for this. You now have an .FML Artist badge for your work ! Feel free to upload this to: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/20-mazooma/ FML Artists can now use the download system.