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  1. ...I have to see this. This was back then... ...and now...
  2. New members may find this thread helpful...
  3. Welcome to this site... ...the below should help you...
  4. Reg


    Ok nice. You Channel is now on the "FME Video" tab at the top of the forum page, ( http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/videos/ ).
  5. Reg


    NP. When you've got five or six videos up, drop me a PM and I'll add you to the video wall as well. Just want to see a nice row of them...
  6. Gotta say - when you see all three together - they do look nice... Here they are on eBay if anyone has a nice gape for three machines... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Star-Wars-Trilogy-Fruit-Machines-The-Holy-Grail-of-Fruit-Machines-1-No-Res/323827126657?hash=item4b6599d181:g:2CYAAOSwHC1c-PRx I do think the description is wrong that "only 50 were made" !
  7. Weclome to this site.
  8. Welcome to this site. Can you share some pics of your cabs etc ?
  9. Reg

    ZX Spectrum Next

    Yes and it seems to be that the Russians excel at doing this. Some would be forgiven for thinking it never died over there...
  10. ...a warehouse was like the second hand garage forecourt. "Yes, I would like to try the second table from the bottom on the right hand side please - yes that's the one"
  11. Welcome to this site.
  12. That is a hellofa pretty machine there in attract mode - bloody hell ! This must be one of the rare machines that looks like has more lamps for non-funtionally attract then actually gameplay. That's not really strictly true but so much floorspace is taken up by the attract area - it just really stands out.
  13. Reg

    ZX Spectrum Next

    Here is the Kickstarter of it that I backed. ZX Spectrum Next Cannot wait for mine to arrive.
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