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  1. Reg


    Welcome. Let me remove that Zero Poster tag for you.
  2. Reg

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    I will look forward to looking at this tonight, but sweet mother of god, look at this stat... ...nearly 5K of views to this thread !
  3. Finally this layout has been completed after 15 YEARS... ...before you rush to download this, please read the WHOLE thread here. Firstly, huge thanks to @Matty.n who made this possible. I paid considerable cash for these roms and bands, but if it was not for him going to collect them - it would not have been possible. Then we have MFME. A huge thanks to @Wizard for this emulator. Wizard is the unsung hero who made all of this possible with MFME. Without the hours and hours he puts into this, we'd not be here and have nothing. The designers are sometimes thanked in threads, but you know what, it does no harm to pop over to the MFME release thread and thank the man himself. Thank you both to @Matty.n and @Wizard. Oh and while we are here, I need to get firstly a complaint out the way, so I am doing it in this quote box - but I want people to see and know... Moving on, my next messages is... ...back to this layout, this has been an absolute dream to do and I was never happier from an MFME point of view to get these sound roms. Dumping them was a nightmare - you were just praying they were going to work. Point to note as well, this has an older romset - this is version 4.0 rather than the game roms of 4.1 that we had before. The release video is here... ...next week's release is supported by a poll, please pop here to vote... ...and finally, if you can't see the animals or natives on this classic layout, you need to download the latest MFME font and install it.
  4. Reg

    just saying hello

    Welcome to this site.
  5. Reg


  6. It’s the MFME font. The link is downloads here and also in the Notes of the layout that show when you load the layout.
  7. Reg

    Stake Key Error (SC5)

    It is probably using a different set of switches for the stake and prize. This is going to be a case most likely of adding all S5 buttons to the layout. You then have to figure out where they are. They will likely be grouped together and test mode will highlight them in switch mode. When identified change the buttons to checkboxes and use them that way. Can’t remember exactly where, but yes, I’ve see this kind of problem before.
  8. Reg


    Welcome to this site and great intro - we are pretty lucky with the members we have, new members are always welcome even if there are some teething problems ( I don’t mean you ). From an even better point of view, we need people that can get resources to share with others if they happen to have them and complete missing rom sets.
  9. Reg


    Welcome and thank you - we are a great community here thanks to what the members bring.
  10. Reg

    WIP (Epoch) - Italian Job 2 DX

    I truely love the way that after all these years on the scene you're learning how to do DX's now, never mind the classics you picked up. You must be seeing a whole new side to MFME now you're moving away from the classic lamps ?
  11. Reg


    Welcome - in about 30 seconds you can when I remove your Zero Poster !
  12. Reg


    Ah yes - a lot of damage was done then. Sorry, had to ask as it's always very interesting when old people return to the scene and when you said that above, it was trying to see what era you are from ! Welcome to this site and @Wizard for his wonderful emulator and all the .FML artists have really pumped a lot of good stuff into this scene.
  13. Reg

    Coming Soon Requests

    For once, just once, please actually try looking for something yourself.
  14. Reg


    Whice events are you talking about ? There have been so many...
  15. Reg


    I really give up - how hard is it to answer a basic question ?