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  1. View File Red Hot Wheels One for the weekend for you all... Submitter Reg Submitted 29/03/19 Category QPS  
  2. Reg

    Manic Muncher

    In the downloads section, it's in the Extreme folder.
  3. Reg

    Night Fever

    View File Night Fever Here is Night Fever from Voodoo Games. Had no picture for this, so this one was done blind with guesswork for how it was laid out. Submitter Reg Submitted 16/03/19 Category Voodoo Games  
  4. LOL ! That didn't end how I expeted, I was expecting you to say "drop their lambs then volia - every Sunday dinner we have fresh lamb"...
  5. Yes you are - you make it sound like it's a problem !
  6. Ha lovely - you got this out. Many thanks for the credit but all the hard work was yours in how you've presented this - I just helped with one very small bit. These are always intersting to see and I think this maybe a test machine, another one that we just have no visable picture of.
  7. If you are just going to be here for the downloads, you might want to consider donating to support the site - link is on the front page. ( Portal )
  8. Reg

    Club Xtra

    Here is a couple of pics of the real machine...
  9. Reg

    Club Xtra

    View File Club Xtra Very old layout that I has done - this is probably from sometime around 10th October 2011, around 14:00 or so, but that timing might be slightly off for one reason or another. Did't really like this machine so not going to update it but here you go anyway - it's something you don't have. Submitter Reg Submitted 09/03/19 Category ACE  
  10. Wow ! @Amot thank you very much - I hope that somebody can make use of these.
  11. For two - you can apoligise for that post you made before you expect me to answer anything for you...
  12. For one - you can stop posting lies about how you have to pay to download.
  13. There is no payment needed - what the hell are you on about ? Some people... sigh...
  14. Reg

    Site Upgrade

    Everythings done... ...site upgraded.
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