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  1. Reg

    The Simpsons Beer Guide

    Just had one of those as well, think it arrived a few days ago to the old Mr House account. If any fruit-admin admins are reading this ( thinking @spa, @dad or @Geddy ), can you ban close that account for me please - it's not needed and I have the one I use as Reg. Thank you.
  2. Reg

    PG Tips Cards

    It was my grandma that drunk lots of tea, whenever I would go around there ( every Sunday ) there would always be three or four new cards for me and sometimes if the cards changed, a new book.
  3. Reg

    Going Ape

    Nah it’s ok, don’t be sorry - I think everything’s going to work out ok...
  4. Reg

    PG Tips Cards

    Today I was in a second hand place looking for stuff for my pub shed that I am building, I saw these, I had to have them... ...no use for the pub shed, but hell I remember collecting the Wonders of Wildlife, Prehistoric and the Inventors books.
  5. Reg

    Has this been emulated..

    I trust you know how much work that will be ? Of course you do, you are a layout designer. This is a comment I would have expected from SocialDragon, have patience - there is plenty of other layouts around for people to play, including ones by your good self.
  6. Reg

    Going Ape

    View File Going Ape Going Ape from Barcrest. The chances are, if you like Alien you will probably like this one. Have fun. Submitter Reg Submitted 15/02/19 Category Barcrest  
  7. Thank you. On iPad tonight, but look forward to giving a good go on this tomorrow. I'll have a look see if I can find £500 roms as well.
  8. Reg

    Hi guys

    Welcome to this site, if you grew up in the 70s and 80s as you signed up here you also signed up for... www.desertislandretro.com ...I'll expect you'll enjoy that area as well.
  9. Reg


    Welcome. There are a couple of threads about cabinets that people have done - perfectly doable and a great reward at the end. If you do this, please post pics of it running - we all love pictures.
  10. Reg

    Hi all, n00b here:)

    Welcome to this site. Any questions, please ask away.
  11. First of all - many thanks to the members of this site, each of you is key to this working in your own ways from those of you that give me admin headaches, to those of you that design layouts, create the emulator, allow hosting here of your sites, make videos and just generally be part of this great community. However this is a very special thank you to everyone that has one of these... ...you are the backers of this site, the donators of this site that make everything possible in wanting to keep the wheels turning and the lights on here - simple as that. Without you, I'll be honest this would have broken me personally a while back as the costs were way more then what I would have ever believed from when I used to own and run Fruit Forums * - but with your help and your great and continued support this site had grown and grown. Today, we past a major milestone on this site, we broke even and means thanks to your donations - thanks to your brilliant no awesome support as of today this site is technically running on a positive balance at the beginning of the year. Again for note as well, Desert Island Retro was completely out of my own pocket and I simply used a forum area here. Back to this site, we have never ( ever ) been in this position - the balance in terms of built up running costs has always been majorly in the red. I never thought I would be in a position to post this kind of message and I want anybody who is new to this site and simply downloads layouts to take a note of this thread and just post a thank you towards people that own one of those badges like above in their profile - it is because of them - the lights do remain on here. This isn't an update to force people to donate - this is a kick to make those that do not donate and they are here just for the downloads to take a look around and just thank those who own one of the above badges ( beyond the author of the emulator, the hosts of other sites or the designers of layouts ) to give them some thanks. These badge owners are the critical life blood of this site - they may not make layouts, they may not make videos - but what they do and have done is funded this site by donations from themselves that allows so many others to enjoy. On behalf of myself, if you are a Donator badge owner... "Thank you very much - you really are awesome and your support to this site really means the world to me - thank you." * RIP ! You had your moments of brilliance...
  12. Reg

    Reg's MFME Cabinet

    Thank you ! Very pleased with it and offers way too much fun. Going back when a lot of us first discovered fruit machine emulation back many years ago, to do something like this was a huge impossibility so many thanks to @Wizard for what he did with what is now MFME to allow this to happen.
  13. Reg


    Welcome to this site and hope you enjoy your fruit emulation experience.
  14. Reg


    Hi Taffam.
  15. Reg

    New Member

    Then this is the place for you - welcome. If you get stuck, try looking at this...