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  1. Reg

    JPEMU Conversions

    Will PM in a few mins.
  2. Reg

    JPEMU Conversions

    Afraid I can't manage this one. Amber is not running on my Windows 10 machine so I can't load the .pad file. This is a little different from earlier versions that had all the resources in another folder. Afraid I'll have ot pass on that with a fail...
  3. Seen some silly little machines here today in Terminal 5. Funny that this stake and prize is on an over 18 area. They are clearly trying to give up the change from ticket redemption machines.
  4. Reg

    JPEMU Conversions

    Yes - I've done that in the past for personal use on other layouts. Can somebody PM me the layout and roms ?
  5. Firstly Happy Birthday - what a release to mark this as well. This one is really something special and that gif above me says it all. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this and that Dx’Cellent arcade is blooming great as well. Yourself @Pook and @Wizard have now started something. I have had the pleasure of seeing this one before ( thank you @Pook ) and here it is on a test clip I did running in real play mode and taking cash... ...the above video is a real rough cut but the experience is so cool on a slightly older version of this layout. @Pook if we ever meet in person, I owe you £10 as have a pint or two to celebrate your birthday at your local for this on me.
  6. Thank you for this - just back so working through what I've not seen since away. Looking at screens is one thing and then downloading them is another. @Spidy21982 like all our .FML Artists, you are the lifebood that allows @Wizard and MFME to come to life so thank you for this. I do want to take a special note here to say that what you do is really apprichated as the market for non-UK games is small and you seem to be single handed taking on the whole world when you make these. It is always great to see a new machine that is not of the UK shores. You did have me with this one though. When I fired it up I thought I've seen this beore and it seems to be a slightly different version of what you've upload in the past - just shows that I do try to pay attention. Again thank you for your work here.
  7. Ta Da... VivaEspanaDX.rar
  8. Great work - if you can let me know when 100% done please and I’ll seal that area so it will be permanently locked in time forever. As said in a PM, thank you formal, your work on this for the community. Will be back in the UK later next week and sort out that special badge I spoke about then.
  9. All done now and thank you very much for your great work here.
  10. Will do. I’ll give you a shout when done - need to be more awake when using limited tools remotely.
  11. Don’t have the space for Roms as well - we can all help each other with those if needed but the layouts are the gold here for this exercise.
  12. Good plan and again thank you for putting these there for the scene.
  13. I am for this if you are happy here. Thanks for your work again here.
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