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  1. Reg


    That looks like a Dutch or German machine to me.
  2. He has a whole new life in the moderation queue. So his posts will need to be approved and no more rubbish like this posted which he did to earn that.
  3. He won't be losing his once, never mind twice like you did for ripping other peoples layouts ! I think you've mistaken him for yourself if you think he'll be stripped of it.
  4. When back home later this week I will grab this one. Thank you.
  5. This is looking very good and the first club release along with the first DX. Double winner.
  6. View File Cash Encounters Some kind of alien based game from Reflex. Submitter Reg Submitted 04/10/19 Category Reflex  
  7. Reg

    Bikes !

    Saw this on eBay and thought WTF, a quick google came up nothing else like it - but memories of other bikes - how the world has changed... ...the choppers and other bikes like them !
  8. Thank you for this - you are knocking these out of the park now.
  9. This is a good machine - thank you for the latest and greatest version of this layout. I always liked it as although a clone of cops and robbers the visuals and the board layout just broke the illusion just enough that it felt different to want to put one more £1 in the slot !
  10. Costs This post will be a live post in this thread - I'll edit it as I go so we can see the real cost of what this costs to build. £360 for the cabinet, the offer was accepted for that. £ 50 delivery charge. Total £ 410
  11. Yes it really is incredible what @Wizard has done here.
  12. Yeah - the buttons I am thinking of based on what you say about the start button. From left to right in terms of function not key strokes as you can shift the buttons to have duel functions as I did on my original cabinet. 1. Cancel Shift 2. Exit Layout Shutdown Machine 3. Full Screen Full Screen Max 4. Mute Insert £1 ( if the coin mech and note acceptors are not wired up ) 5. Up Volume Up 6. Down Volume Down 7. Start Enter These cabinets are also likely to appear on eBay again and not be too hard to get so I think this time around as others may want to do it, like this... ...I will 100% docuement the build from end to end.
  13. Over two years ago I started a journey building a cabinet, this is the thread - this is the journey and pretty much how it ended... ...there was never going to be another cabinet - this was it - done and finished. Today I was looking at eBay, you know the site like Hot UK Deals where you don't want anything and then you end up buying stuff that you never knew you needed. I then saw this... Sweet mother of god, this would be ideal to turn into an MFME cabinet - shit - it almost was one already. I had some experience of this kit following a touch screen conversion I did of something else they made... ...so being the insane, mad person I am - I made an offer for it and they accepted. The plan this time around for the cabinet is much easier - firstly I will get MFME up and running on a PC inside of it. The touchscreen will be used soley for the games - hell - at the end of the day we have so may great DX's now and they've all got to buttons on the screen you are simply enhancing the games within the cabinet. The buttons will be replaced from left to right at present with navigation and control buttons for the cabinet not sure what or how yet but easy operation for selecting games and volume control as well as shuting down system. One will be a shift button to give the rest of the buttons dual functions. When that is all done and fully working I will then see if it's possible to use the coin mech that is already present and the hopper - at the end of the day this setup is pretty much fit for swapping the PC and doing a few connections and done. For the top bezzle I'll get some custom artwork done saying MFME and then a guide to the extended buttons on the cabinet. It'll look something like this. The most expensive part is going to likely be the bezel work that needs to be done and then getting that professionally printed and enscased in a custom size acrylic. That will then be fixed in the area below marked in red. This is how I would hope a bezel would end up - imagine the rectangle dimensions with the break out area for the keys and legneds - you get the idea ! Going to be a couple of weeks before the cabinet arrives but this is going to work well ( I hope )...
  14. Many thanks for this - it's always so cool to see classics turned into outstanding DX's.
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