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  1. Reg

    Monopoly - Dividends

    Thank you all... ...I also noticed it has an old picture on this thread - that is before I make them ready for release, the current view of the game is this...
  2. Reg

    Club Bullion ( MPU4 )

    Just qucikly passing through before back to family and to release that Monopoly layout ( worth checking out ). I get my real PC time in the evenings in the weeks... From a layout point of view it is a complete pleasure. The real magic happens with MFME and what @Wizard does. The "poke'ing" of the machine reminds me very much of old Spectrum days, extra lives and everything like that - I never considered it would be done on a Fruit machine - perhaps we need a Peek's and Poke's section !
  3. Reg

    Monopoly - Dividends

    This one is something a little special in my book. It is a Monopoly themed DOND game running on MPU5, looks very much like a clone of The Crazy Chair.
  4. Reg

    Las Vegas

    Nope the tables were too expensive. I had planned on buying in on a few to keep some chips but when the minimum stake was $5 that was a lot considering you could buy a box of novelty chips ( that were legitimately brought in Vegas ) for $20. I was told that out of town at Fremont Street, in the ‘old area’ they did have some $1 tables. This would be in a casino potentially such as the Golden Nugget. Budgets were tight as I reckon food and just living was about 20% more then what I expected, I actually came back with about $30 by the time I arrived at the airport. One top tip, don’t stay on the strip. I stayed at Holiday Inn on Koval Lane. The strip is only 10 minutes slow walk including waiting for road crossings from room to standing in Bally’s casino. They also provide buses from the Holiday Inn to various places around Vegas, all free. The rooms are actually suites with bathroom, toilet, walk in wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen and lounge. When talking to others who didn’t get that location they were paying many $100’s more per night in the main casinos. That really saved a chunk of money and the restaurant on-site was very well priced along with a mini-supermarket downstairs. They also had an ATM downstairs. Why is this good - well it offered cash at a standard fee price rather then the 80% extra you would be charged anywhere on the strip. Finally if you are going remember to complete your ESTA online. This is your entry requirement and once approved, keep checking it. They can be known to change status so always worth checking. They don’t do boarding cards now, they have a terminal when you get off the plane pre-immigration that you complete. It then gives a print out with your photo and fingerprints that you take with your passport to customs. Do not lie on this - as customs have already checked your case ( all trips I had my case opened by TSA - they leave a note ) and they will know if your bringing stuff you should not be and this might cause a problem. That was rather a long answer to the poker question, but useful info I think if you’ve not been there before.
  5. Reg

    Las Vegas

    So finally catching up on the world after my visit to Las Vegas. There are many thinks to make you smile about America as it's so unique and the size size of everything, we could start with the gaming shop at the airport in Detriot... ...but the winning picture has to simple be the fruit machines in the airport at Las Vegas, they are everywhere. If there is open floor space then it simply needs as many machines as possible. Why in the baggage lounge would people be that desperate to play, I don't know - but they are again everywhere. As an ex-addict who was actually in Las Vegas for non pleasure reasons and this was actually a bonus to be there with a little personal time this was going to be a real challenge. I had planned on blowing no more then $50 a day that I had put away in savings to do - I think on average I blew less then that - but I needed a system. The first challenge was understanding the machines - they were not as I expected. They were paper only, so they would take $1 - $100 bills or coupons. The coupons were printed out when you pressed the "Cash Out" button. The machines made a sound like MFME paying out as the coupon came out. Every casino was the same and all had the coupon based system. You could cash the coupon for cash or simply insert it into another machine. I never tried doing a coupon from Casino A into a machine that was in Casino B. I suspect it would not work. A cashed out coupon looked like this. To cash out, you had to go to an ATM type machine like below. You could also withdraw from these devices like an ATM as well. Oh and speaking of ATM machines, this was the first BITCOIN machine I've ever seen - it was in a Shell garage here... The machines were all digital one way or another with proably 90 - 95% of them having digital reels. They simulated real machines with top glasses looking like the kind you could find in eBay, but they were just screens you were looking at. In some cases you would have the pull handle on the right of the machine but it was an illusion harking back to old times, you could also press the "play" button for these as well. To show the screens and also an interesting mass failure, here is a casino where there was obviously a network failure of some kind. When things go wrong, they really go wrong. This looked like a network error, I am not sure I was meant to be in there - but I had to go and get a picture. This shows how dependant Las Vegas is now on linked machines. We truely are in a digital age with them. The machines in many cases were also 3D, or even 4D when you consider the ones that the seats vibrated when you played and if anything intersting happened it felt like you were sitting on a huge sound stage. This is clearly not good for pensioners with loose bowels and all that vibrating. The 3D effect was due to the second layer of glass on reels that were digital - they would literally jump out at you as they were imposed on the closer screen. It is a really neat effect and did get you hooked on machines as you actually enjoyed the feeling. The key really is gameplay. My tips are as follows. Treat £1 for $1, it works out so much easier this way. Play 1c machines only at no more then 80c a spin. Limit yourself to spending no more then $40 on a machine, if in that time you win then literally press cash out and take the voucher. Trade the vouchers for cash if anything more then $50 and then continue to play if you choose on other machines. I really feel if I'd done well on a machine and put the > $50 in the machine, it always seemed dead and just drained the win. If I put $ bills in, then it was much happier. This could be total horseshit - but it's the way I felt. Do not - absolutely do not - increase stake and prize to chase wins. You can do fine on 1c only. Finally here is just a couple of general pictures. The biggest Space Invaders I have ever seen... A few generic snaps...
  6. Reg

    Finally - BACK !!!

    Oh I don't know, I was going to find a random DX which I had improved by deleting chunks of the graphics, putting an oversized alpha in place and changing some graphic lamps to text values and then calling it my own. The problem I had, was there was too many to choose from and the Working from Home factor. Bit of a bugger really...
  7. Reg

    Finally - BACK !!!

    Thank you sir - I was about to do a release - but will be awaiting the end of the day as I am working from home.
  8. Reg

    Finally - BACK !!!

    So... ...after weeks of the weather being too hot to use the computer room at home... ...weeks of being away out of the contry multiple times due to work commitments... ...it is a pleasure to be back to the world and able to get back to my hobby - Fruit Machines ! Apoligies to anyone who has PM's me that I've not yet responded to and such - real life does and always come first - but now that the climate is ok for PC area to be used from a sensible point of view I will now have time to pursue FME ! BTW - slightly off topic - when I was away I saw this, what an amazing Virtual Pinball machine... ...I did have to check the price, it was terrible - but my god, if you got cash to burn and really burn - this was awsome. It was made by this company... https://virtualpinball.com/
  9. Reg

    Site Update - Live Thread...

    I have disabled the FME site checker. If other sites are down that causes a delay.
  10. Reg

    Multi Golden Game

    The final release from the big USA...
  11. Reg

    Layouts Owned

    To a single Blu-ray Disc is the only answer...
  12. Reg

    Layouts Owned

    LOL. ! Users, please do not place your entire layouts a d folders containing MFME Layouts downloaded here. Think of the bandwidth costs and you have not even supported the site @SocialDragon368 !
  13. Reg

    Road to Riches

    Haha - yes. This was at the airport !
  14. Reg

    Area update

    NP - really struggling on this small laptop ATM - can fully check this area when back for legacy WIPs. Is everything how you want now and happy with the generic / misc area being this sub-forum ?
  15. Reg

    Road to Riches

    A nice little ADDER5 game for you to enjoy. Hoping everything is ok with this release as it is being done remotely. This is probably the first MFME layout that has ever been released from Las Vegas, literally...