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  1. thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated
  2. here is my royaldeal the coin insert button didnt work for some reason, after i sorted that ive updated it as well, adding better reels, and card gfx royaldeal v1.2.rar
  3. cheers, i just found it, i deleted the attachment here as i wasnt sure if layouts should be put anywhere but the layout section for download reasons
  4. cant seem to find the fixes thread royaldeal v1.2.rar
  5. thanks for all you hard wowk mate, its really appreciated, my old realdeal layout wouldnt accept coins, so i sorted it and did a bit more too it, reels etc, do you want me to upload it somewhere?
  6. ocean for me, some absolute belters, but im now finding ive missed so many great games all these years later, also great playing them on the spectrum next, but that may have to go at some point
  7. well done, i did a couple of layouts many years ago, so i know how hard it is
  8. thanks reg for including me in this, now looking forward to a good read like its 1983 again over xmas!
  9. flying giraffe

    Cat and Mouse

    thanks reg, great layout as always, i think the top x2 should be a jackpot though as per the flyer
  10. thanks for the layout, very tiny mistake i think, its 30p/50p, not 25p/50p, very easy fix though
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