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  1. did get some new versions of it though, think they need a security board though.-
  2. i have heard back, the game was made to run on an errel machine, so uses heber mainboard - and the sounds are baked into the game proms. they also did another version which ran on the electrocoin pheonix mainboard - which they cant find/ doesnt seem to be sound proms for. so ive drawn a blank. with this one.
  3. i know the owner of diamond games, have emailed him to ask about the sound roms. i have two sets of roms for this machine, bsnwb03.g0/g1 and csnw011.g0/g1 both sets according to the rom dat, say that they are - super nudge wink (Maygay)[Rom]. needs changing to (Diamond Games)[Rom]. hopefully i will get the sound rom for them.
  4. just downloaded and checked and yes is a vivid that you already have. - still looking then.
  5. found a guy with mpu5 version, but no mpu4. is mpu5 version wanted ?
  6. sorry i dont have it. will keep looking though.
  7. that would be very desirable. the cctalk bus could be pointed at a real com port, and hoppers coin mechs interfaced with ease. reels pointed at a parrallel port or serial , same with buttons. bet the cabinet builders would love it. it gets my vote for sure.
  8. we had one called monkey business, single player machine. it ran from a flash card, i copied it. Monkey Business 1.4 Data.zip
  9. from reading this and what you have said about generating the output from the input data, it reminds me very much of cyclic redundancy check, thats a shift register with some logical feedback. perhaps they implemented a custom crc algorithym. just a thought.
  10. my attachment limit has been reached ( 487 of 488 meg), how do i reset it. i have waited a week and it doesnt seem to be clearing. do i have to hunt down my posts and delete them. anyone have any idea.
  11. thanks dad, but i have just got it to work, and then i had the NO PC key, which it seems you cant set until you have a cash door button. so i typed 5 in there ( dont know what number it should be , figure that out later) and now i have absolutely nothing displayed on the 7 segment leds, guessing it the sec meter or reels as they havent moved. i will see if i can fix, if not i will pm you, thankyou.
  12. it didnt work but then i have probably done it wrong, hopefully it will work tomorrow, with a clear head.
  13. thanks for that, where would i find check box 11.
  14. hi i have an astra i am messing around with, but i keep getting the error 4.1 hopper liner. i believe the error is because the hopper is not detected, because it wants to use hopper 2 as the primary hopper. how do i get mfme to use the second hopper. i have tried inverting the hopper but it doesnt fix it. im stumped.
  15. anyone know of multiplayer fruits that are downloadable please message me


    many thanks :)

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