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  1. King of Boxer and Kung Fu Master would be great
  2. I know I am late to the thread but I have only just noticed that there hadn’t been any new Degsy videos in a while. Fully understand and support your reasoning but I will miss the videos, especially the periodic low ebbs ones which resonated with me more than they should have. Thank you for all your hard work and I sincerely hope you end up back on YT in the future.
  3. Thanks very much mate. I will spend some time tomorrow converting some old favourites.
  4. Even though I have been around since 2002, I freely admit I have not got a single clue what goes on under the hood of the layouts which are released. I have seen reference a few times of converting layouts, for example, Big Shot (MPU3) only works on MFME 1.1 to make it work on the most recent versions of the emulator. Is there an idiots guide to show me how to do it? Thanks all.
  5. I raised a toast this afternoon to you Chris. Thank you for all your hard work. Steve
  6. Not much to add to all of these lovely considered heart felt comments. RIP Wizard. Thanks for the 19 years of quality gaming.
  7. Brilliant answer thank you mate. Shame the ROMS are not available.
  8. I have recently got back in to FME after an extended absence. Hello to all who remembers me. I was wondering if you could help me get to the bottom of identifying a machine I used to play in the probable early 90's. It was out at around the same time as Take2 by Barcrest which would probably mean it was £4.80 token jackpot. It had 50,000 and 100,000 overlays on the reels which added up until you gained 500,000 and that got you on to the high / lo board. I think if you got to 100,0000 you got the main feature. It may have been an Ace Coin machine either during the SPACE phase or the tech before but this may be a false memory. Cheers all.
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