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  1. Amot

    a cpl more roms

    Yes came on a video board
  2. Amot

    empire cf card

    hi guys i got a cf card from an arcade its gota this following attatchment in a folder called empire dont know if its any use cheers tony empire.zip
  3. Amot

    a cpl more roms

    Was there anything useful in this lot I could do with knowing what I've put up so I can know what I've got lol sorry if I'm a pain
  4. Amot

    a cpl more roms

    Yep lol I'm 48 now and starting again my grandchildren are older than my newest lol. I love it though hes great and makes me feel young again. Only bummer for the week has been company I work for has just announced there making redundancies upto 8000 according to the media and we will know by the end of the month worrying times for everyone hopefully this gives a distraction to the times were living in at the moment cheers tony
  5. Amot

    a cpl more roms

    Was in a rich n famous caddie lol
  6. Amot

    a cpl more roms

    hi guys n girls sorry not been around much this week been on afters and an 8 month old little one hasnt left much time for fruity stuff lol heres a few more roms ive managed to dump today cheers tony roms 3.45.zip
  7. Heres a few pics I grabbed before work today cheers tony
  8. Only images I got at moment
  9. Amot

    CoinWorld Bear X

    Got a feeling theres one of these in the wild or at least was last year in filey. Guys name craig Carerra on fb had a few older type machines in there
  10. Yep my roms I'll have a look in it see if theres anything else
  11. I'll get better pics next time I'm up that lockup
  12. Amot

    Tik tak take

    I'll try and do better pics asap if needed
  13. Amot

    Golden awards mpu3

    No worries I dumped a mpu3 cart other day titled ga not sure if it was for this too lol
  14. Amot

    Golden awards mpu3

    Ok I'll get them dumped cheers
  15. Amot

    Golden awards mpu3

    Are the roms needed for this
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