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  1. Awesome work guys this will help so much, the original pal chips are known to fail and being able to patch the roms will save many machines from the scrap heap
  2. Awesome Andrew I currently have 2 machines without the correct gamecard and it'd be a shame to break them so fingers crossed you crack it mate. I have another question regarding mpu4 roms but ill start a new thread so not to interfere here cheers
  3. Great work Andrew im watching this with great interest, correct me if I've read it right if you can work out the lamp table it would be possible to create a jedec file for the lamps and burn a pal/gal then disable the chr check in the rom file. Would it need a different lamp table set up for different games or does the code work the same on all mpu4 machines cheers Tony
  4. Hi Andrew I tried watching your video its coming up with this video is private, hope your well mate. Cheers Tony
  5. Awesome work chloe thanks for this
  6. I've asked my mate if he has any videos we can use heres a picture if any help cheers Tony
  7. Just picked this up its basically scrap as the cab is wet through. Unfortunately the tech this runs is one stop and use cf flash and as far as I'm aware there's no way of dumping the information cheers Tony
  8. Thanks guys im scratching my head a bit the machine I grabbed had only one rom like big js file cloes roms have 3 lol. Machine has no sound at moment but its volume pot disintegrated in my hands lol
  9. Hi ive searched and can't find the roms for this machine do we have them by chance cheers Tony
  10. Cheers Mike thanks for taking the time hopefully the images help with a dx of this
  11. This is on fb for sale at moment these are the pictures if any better
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