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  1. I loved it too, love my t7 more though Might even get to play it tomorrow too
  2. Replied in the other post.
  3. In other news, this is the latest acquisition....
  4. Whoop whoop We have lift off
  5. It's not that difficult when you know what to do..... I just asked the farmer
  6. Thanks mate. Deffo ewes, I have checked and am 100% certain of the difference
  7. Just about every other field is full of the bastards! They were obviously the last in line for the ram that ended up in the field behind us Bloody typical
  8. Cheers TC it means a lot coming from you.
  9. Hardly ever eat lamb, they are way too cute Still nothing btw
  10. Thanks mate. Can't believe how lucky we are. All I need now is for the sheep in the field behind us, to drop their lambs. Open the bedroom curtains every morning with great anticipation, but so far nothing Will keep you posted.
  11. Well after starting with this... After a long hard slog in January and plenty of spending, we left things like this... After more work and spending, we are nearly there and now have this... A few finishing off bits left and some concreting when we get some dryer weather, then we can chill. Oh and I made new curtains and cushion covers for the living/dining areas Even reupholstered the dining chairs and made a table runner with the spare fabric lol We might even have some visitors this year
  12. Slut! You'd not catch me doing anything like that
  13. I'll have you know I've led a sheltered life. Granted mainly bus shelters, but sheltered all the same
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