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  1. Hello krayzeestyles. Let's see how long the nice attitude lasts under the new name
  2. Happy birthday mate, hope you had a good day
  3. Memories.... hmmm, yes, well...... erm... wish I'd never read the track list
  4. Oh right and yes it turns out someone has and they have very kindly posted a link to download it
  5. Where did the 2 with it on come from? I could try my luck and ask them for the bpak It's got to be worth a try
  6. Maybe a copy of the 40 game menu that's on your machine?
  7. If you gonna have one, have a big un
  8. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear becks Happy birthday to you There ya go mate 43 ain't old, I'll be 56 soon So glad it's not got a beardy twat on it! Although it sounds like it might have the same sort of game play
  9. Grrrr I hate secretive posts like this If you tell me, I promise I won't tell her It's like telling me you're gonna send me some money, but not saying how much or when
  10. Any news on this? There's a road to riches (monopoly themed) on Ebay which might go cheap. Had one myself and loved it, but it had to go to make way for the Rio cab I got years ago. I still got the decals and program chips etc for it somewhere, £35 and £5 games iirc
  11. Trouble is, there are far too many that just want want want, get it, then run. This then tends to make people immediately suspicious till they get to know new members (me especially) There are members on here who have right royally had the piss taken out of them, so I like to try and find out what new people are about. Ok so I might not be as polite as others in some my posts and opinions, but I always say it as it is (or seems to be, to me) and if it turns out I'm wrong, I will admit it. Anyway time to move on, thanks for the offer, but as I said earlier, I can't check if you have anything I need, as all my t7 stuff is at home.
  12. Yes you posted a 'mod' post and I liked it and commented on it. This wasn't however what Reg (site owner) asked you to do. It's good that you are prepared to help people, but doing it in "secret" via individual PMs, isn't really what this site is about. It's the preferred way here, to post pics of what you have bpak wise first (as requested by Reg) and the reasons for this are twofold, so that members can see that you are willing to share and if you have anything they need and also so it is easy for all to see if you have any bpaks that are MIA. Plus it shows you're not here to just grab and run. My post wasn't meant to offend, but to maybe prompt you to post pics of what you have. I note that you are quick to jump on me about this, but you say nothing to the person who liked my post (sorry Steve) but hey ho I'm the bad guy again. Never mind though, you've posted pics now, so someone will check if any are MIA files. (I can't do it myself as I only have my phone here and have left my hard copies at home) Bearing all this in mind, I don't feel my post was at all, out of order. We can either agree to disagree and move on, or you can hate me. Either option is fine by me, although I know which I'd prefer Just off to like your post now!
  13. Complete 360 there mate Oh and lmfao re bear comment
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