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  1. Perfect Thankyou.. I'm holding out for a new laptop but will be donating for sure at some point..
  2. Just a quick couple of questions please guys and apologies if it's been asked frequently before. Once you have donated does it recognise this instantly and allow the machine downloads or is there a delay? I have v6.1 and a good few hundred machines already but can see the quality is so much better in v20. There's a few legacy layouts I'm really looking forward to revisiting.. Thanks group..
  3. I will be the self confessed lazy idiot here. So I have v.6.1 already installed I'm guessing none of the older machines for that will work in that layout? Should I create a new folder to add downloaded files from this forum into to run on v20. I have thankfully got theme park running fine on v20 just need to get a easy access folder for the v20 machines at a guess
  4. Huge Thankyou for this.. A request/question I'm sure there was a national lottery type clone of this machine, can anybody else remember it or link me to it please?
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong place as its not MFME but there is a couple of machines on the play store that you can play on your android phone.. Hockey Cockley arena and Casino Crazy Club. If you search for both they should be there to download and enjoy..
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