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  1. Hi, I used to like the coin in noise,it was mostly on arcade video games like gauntlet,it like a bell bonging but I started to notice it popping up elsewhere around the arcade....bong!!!
  2. Just had a look I couldn't see as my mobile only shows part of the screen on that page,I have to slide across to see it. Thanks again.
  3. Hi,no problems, thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply..I've looked for the donate button...where is it please? I don't mind donating as Ive always used download sites like digital hive etc and other places and sent them money over the years to keep the sites going..so if you could point me in the direction thanks.
  5. Richard O'Brien was definitely the better presenter all day long...with his harmonica haha
  6. haha theres an old lady called pat at my work and we say to her oh pat what have you done to me pat? sometimes she says youll end up under the patio like frank if youre not careful haha
  7. Hi,I'm struggling a bit with the downloading bit,I think I've followed all the rules,I've only downloaded one file so far mfme 6.1 I was looking to download mfme 19.8 but when I go to do it the screen shows not available until the next day after midnight, I think I've got 7 points on my profile is this not enough? It says you have exceeded the daily limit of 4 downloads...thanks for your help
  8. I had to borrow 10p for the bus home after putting all my money in the local arcade more than once,when I got home my mum knew I'd blasted all my money too ( I was only 13/14 maybe) all the weekly wages from doing a paper round done in less than an hour...lol
  9. Wow I remember that machine..I always seemed to get a faulty machine and it sometimes reset...another one I thought similar was reg's big Day out (something like that) a Corrie machine
  10. No problems I'm going to try v19 if I can get it...thanks for the reply anyway
  11. Hi, Has out of the many out there anybody played fruit machines back years ago just because of the voice samples when you got features etc... i loved the Monty pythons flying circus machine...it use to say NUDGE, NUDGE!, or when you lost it said.. I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SHOOT YOU. LEMON JELLY was another favorite, it also said...and my ultimate favorite i still say to my wife...IS THIS A FIVE MINUTE ARGUMENT OR THE FULL HALF HOUR?!!! HAHA i also liked the jackpoteers too..with the THE JACKPOTEERS ARE HERE when you entered the feature.
  12. thanks vectra666, will download the v19 as soon as i can. and bully's special prize - haha remember that one...a speed boat for someone who lives in a flat in luton town centre. oh dear.. thanks again!!
  13. thanks for the replies will give it a shot, will probably have to bite the bullet and update to windows 10
  14. Hi, I recently downloaded mfme 6.1 so i could play oche oche oche, ive downloaded the dx runtime file so it works,i'm running windows 7 with a 17" monitor, games like vamp it up etc work and fit but when i open the file it doesn't show the entire screen of the cabinet in the window, ive tried the different windows setting without borders etc is there a way to fit it in the window that comes up when loaded at all, i so super syched that someone has spent the time to create this wonderful software as ive not played this game for years and i would have literally jumped off a dolls house to get hold of it.. ive tried to look through the newbie posts to find a solution but havent come across one...so if somebody could send me the link for the page to do it or let me know a fix for it please...thanks in advance. (i will wear a dunce cap in the corner if needed)
  15. jediknight

    Bonanza £8 Dx

    Wow,they had this machine on my local Chinese when I was kid,it was faulty as hell, sometimes you'd put money in and it didn't register,always short on payouts but we still played it and the people who owned it just didn't care...it was there for years haha,looks awesome,will be nice to play a working version...thanks
  16. Love the glow from the lights in a room,had them in there for years now feels empty with them gone,your machine looks awesome
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