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  1. @Reg thanks for the flowers i do my best to let the german things show of here.
  2. View File Mission Possible Wall Version German use mfme 19 have fun. Video from my Youtube Channel: Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 14/08/19 Category Astra  
  3. View File BWB Jackpot Jokers German use MFME 19 happy gaming. video from my youtube channel : Jackpot Jokers Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 19/07/19 Category BWB  
  4. View File Schloß Drachenstein German MFME 6.1 have fun ! video from my youtube channel : Schloß Drachenstein Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 18/07/19 Category JPM  
  5. not changed its originally on this german machine
  6. View File Mission Possible German use MFME 19 have fun ! Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 15/07/19 Category Astra  
  7. View File JPM Samurai German here´s my next release from a german jpm machine with impact tech called samurai. have fun video from my youtube channel: MFME 6.1 Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 17/06/19 Category JPM
  8. View File BWB Blues Boys German Hi guys . here s a release from my very first layouts that i build in 2017 the blues boys. i dxd it from scratch again in a hi resolution at 2560x1600 and its definitely better than the old layout from 2017. have fun mfme 6.1 minimum if you have slowdowns then wait for mfme 19 it has hardware accelleration. Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 08/06/19 Category BWB  
  9. thanks for your answers i l wait for the new mfme.
  10. Ok thanks evo1. No way to shrink a layout to a lower resolution?
  11. Hi all together. I overworked my very first fruitmachine ive ever build complete from 0 in a 2k resolution the blues boys. The layout looks fantastic but now i have massive slowdowns in gameplay . Is there a way to resize the layout to a lower resolution without start from 0? The old layout was at 1680*1050 and had no slowdowns... Greetings spidy
  12. All goes straigt forward like time,windows,mfme and now im back in the game with a dual boot win7 / win10 system
  13. great news but i m on win7 and dont want to update.... will there a win 7 version too ?
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