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  1. View File Cashanova German not the best quality ... build with Mfme 6.1 have fun. Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 30/11/19 Category Mazooma  
  2. View File Dracula German her is the german Dracula release . build in MFME 6.1 have fun and happy Halloween Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 31/10/19 Category Barcrest  
  3. Spidy21982


    No idea did not seen this machine in my life . Maybe dutch or german . The maygay ones were rare in my region.
  4. View File Cyber Casino German use MFME 19.6 have fun. Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 11/10/19 Category BWB  
  5. Thanks for update and fixing another german bwb machine
  6. View File Sinbad Deluxe German Sinbad Deluxe Use MFME 19.6 Have fun. Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 05/10/19 Category BWB  
  7. Many thanks for the update chris!
  8. Yea i know this guy and we had contact for a short amount of time and get a couple of good pics from a machine but after a death of a friend of him its totaly silence, no reaction at emails since april and not around here since february....but thanks chris. No other way to fix this ?
  9. I ve got here soundroms from an german mpu4 video machine called piccadilly night. Problem is it has 4 soundroms and the third is defective means mfme uses only soundrom 1+2. Is there a way to fix the third soundrom so that mfme use all 4 soundroms or 1,2,4 ? Maybe a thrird soundrom with only silence in it or a recreation of the sound from another machine ? Greetings spidy
  10. @Reg thanks for the flowers i do my best to let the german things show of here.
  11. View File Mission Possible Wall Version German use mfme 19 have fun. Video from my Youtube Channel: Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 14/08/19 Category Astra  
  12. View File BWB Jackpot Jokers German use MFME 19 happy gaming. video from my youtube channel : Jackpot Jokers Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 19/07/19 Category BWB  
  13. View File Schloß Drachenstein German MFME 6.1 have fun ! video from my youtube channel : Schloß Drachenstein Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 18/07/19 Category JPM  
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