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  1. Thanks Wizard - that was indeed the answer Best regards Stuart
  2. OK - thanks Wizard, I'll have a look.
  3. Hi all, I'm not really a 'newbie' but I thought I'd post this here as it's probably going to have a very straightforward answer. My directory structure is bog standard with the 'Main Game Folder' in Game Manager set to c:/program files/MFMEv19/Fruit Machines. It works fine, except that every time I exit and restart MFME, the Game Manager has no machines in the list and I have to re-run the Scan. I don't need to re-establish what the Main Game Folder is, that gets remembered ok, it's just the Scan required to repopulate the list. Any ideas please? Thanks Stuart
  4. Hi Dave, Have given this a good play - fantastic! There is one thing though that seems to be missing (unless it's my memory playing tricks on me). When you're on the Nudge side of the board, the 'Auto Win' light is on. If you get up as far as 8 nudges then the 'Wild Reel' light comes on too, which is often a good win (if you can get there without messing it up!). If you get up as far as 10 nudges, that's when the Cash Pot light comes on and you can exchange the 10 nudges for the £ £ £ repeater. You wouldn't often do it because with 10 nudges and the Wild Reel there was usually something better. However, in the DX that isn't happening - at 10 nudges the Cash Pot button doesn't light, and clicking it or pressing 'C' has no effect - so there's no way to access the Cash Flow feature (unless I'm mistaken and that's accessed another way entirely). Unfortunately my real 'Bust Out' has a fault at the moment so I can't check this 100%, but I'm pretty sure that's how it used to be. All the best Stuart
  5. We had this in our club too. It always seemed like true skill (and I could pretty much always hit what I was going for) with the the exception that it would not stop on nudges if the win available was more than it was ready to pay. Never got the jackpot on this - most I ever managed was £25 for four melons on 'Choose a win from 8', and the melons were the 7th choice. It's quite a slow game and can go for *ages* without giving the feature! All the best Stuart
  6. Not been around for a while so I only saw this and Club Monte Carlo today. They both look fantastic Pook - this Bust Out was one of my favourite machines back in the day. Sorry I never got around to sending pics of the top of the cabinet where the coin slots are - do you still want them? All the best Stuart
  7. Ooh, I've only just seen this! Fantastic job Dave - will download and have a play now. Will take me back to the snooker club in 1984. Still haven't managed to get the real one to boot up, but that will be because I haven't tried - it's a bit buried. However there are developments on that front and I could finally have a games room by the end of the year. All the best Stuart
  8. Hi Dave, I can send you a pic of the top part with the coin inputs if you need it. Looking great! All the best Stuart
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