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  1. LitaHOF

    Indiana Jones (Norwegian))

    Yeah and rightfully so. It's one of the best fruities ever made imo.
  2. LitaHOF

    Indiana Jones (Norwegian))

    Not the best quality but it's what my phone managed at the time.
  3. LitaHOF

    Jackpot 2000

    By far one of my favorites which I still own to this day. One of like 3 in all of Norway with a glass coating instead of the regular plexi glass types at the time.
  4. LitaHOF

    Vegas 2000

    Yeah. Most of the late machines paid 2000 kroner top prize so they liked adding that. It would equal something like 200 pounds in that time.
  5. Norwegian version of my old Indy.
  6. LitaHOF

    High Score

    This one I don't have anymore. Unfortunately. Was a pretty kind football themed machine with some nice streaks.
  7. LitaHOF

    Old Timer

    Another pretty fun machine. Could pay out pretty big but also had long droughts.
  8. LitaHOF

    Jackpot 21 (Blackjack)

    One of the machines I still own and is in working condition.
  9. I obviously didn't know the man behind MFME. Found the emulator way back in the day. It was 1. Something. So very early. But capable of playing fruits. Have had many versions since. But I haven't had any update since 5.0. So I have no idea how it's evolved since. I have always seen the name on the splash boot screen of the emus. Often thinking to myself. This guy has done so much for people with this thing. Helped people struggling with addiction. And also obviously helped people who wanted some nostalgic fun. Was very sad to hear about his passing. Which I discovered through Degs
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