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  1. Thanks for this brilliant layout. I remember playing these in the London mainline station cafes. I remember these being particularly adictive as most people tended to try and fill the pots and achieve the jackpot on nudges but this could take quite a long time and this does not offer a repeat chance after winning he jackpot on a nudge. Does anyone remember the name of the other machine very simular to this? Had a different top glass design but the pots and bonus filled up in exactly the same way. The middle feature was 'choose a win'. I'm sure it has been emulated but cannot remember the name of it.
  2. Eventually managed to get a decent video. I think there are at least 3 or 4 jackpots won on the bingo feature plus a couple of £1 bingo wins in addition to some reel wins. I also 'hopefully' demonstrated what happens if you hold down on the hold buttons too long on one bingo feature - I think I had 12 or 13 so there was not much available anyway. Of course, in the wild you could encounter sticking buttons which on this machine would have been a big problem. The reason for spending time before stopping the feature on a number was because you can take as long as you like before hitting the feature button, once you have hit it, you only have approx 30 seconds to decide which way to go, otherwise it will choose for you automatically. I did find this machine tight in the wild. I have no idea to what percentage it was set to but have observed that winning on this machine seems to be very heavily dependant on getting the bingo feature right. To set the video up, I did deliberatly refuse to play the bingo feature and generally the machine did not really compensate with reel wins. Even when I started playing normally again, it took another £40 or so for it to start paying out over what was being put in. I did do a video earlier today which also had a lot of activity but when I viewed it, only 10 seconds had been recorded so had to do it again. Fortunately, the machine was still willing to recover towards its target. I do now have the fixed version but used the original for this video. Enjoy Clickity_Click_-_JPM_System_80_(US_ROMS)_2019-12-29_20-56-00.mp4
  3. I hadn't noticed because I have been playing it as I did in the wild. On each bingo game once I've selected up or down, I press all hold buttons at once quickly up and down after each step. You have to get the rhythum right otherwise if you are too slow, the reel will stick at the nest step. I've had loads of jackpots, so many in fact that I was unable to get the jackpot via the 50p/£1/£2 gamble ladder. It would only hit 50o ir £1. The only way I have been able to get the jackpot that way was to refuse to play the bingo game. This rom and the UK rom that I played in our local kebaab shop play vertually the same apart from on this rom you seem to get more random bingo features. I always found the UK version to be very tight and the USA rom does not seem to difer there either, this rom when playing it normally was running nearly 8% behind its set value. At some point in the next couple of days, I'll try and capture a video of how I play the bingo game, especially as someone near the top of the thread has daid don't press all the buttons down at the same time. This is not so, you can press all 3 at the same time, just don't have any pressed when it is ready to step on. This could have been a problem in the wild since if buttons did not come up fast enough or got stuck, you could end up with a 50p win although you had 20 steps. I did post a thank you at the Mecca but thank you to everyone who was involved in getting this layout released. This was not my favorite machine in the wild but did play it often and is great fun to play on the emulator. Many thanks.
  4. Ooh, great machine. I remember playing this in a local pub but the ones I remember were £3 jackpot. I'm looking forward to playing this. Does this one have the streak thing where if you get the maximum numbers straight in and fill up the nudge/cash feature, providing any number appears on the pay line after that the feature will fill up to the top again on each game until no numbers appear on he payline? I remember seeing one gui in the pub get this and got around £15 quid, he could have had more but accidentally nudged a 20p win in. Many thanks for this layout.
  5. Thanks for this release, looks stunning. I had given up playing fruit machines well before this era but it was the very first machine I encountered playing with the original mpu3/4 emulator trial. I'll look forward to playing this version when I get round to updating the emulator. Many thanks. i
  6. Thanks to all involved. I have kept all of the layouts I have downloaded from the beginning. Running 5.1's game manager is only showing just over 2000 layouts so I am missing quite a lot.
  7. Thank you. Done all my hypers and you also answered my Adders and Ladders question when I noticed the credits were not registering in the display and the stat readings in config. I would also like to say thank you for that remove read only command, I'm encountering several read only games and it certainly is a time saver.
  8. Thanks, yes a ram clear sorted that and a couple of others I have come accross. I am stuck on Hyper Viper though, I've set the usual settings but insists on giving me the 12V alarm even after I've cleared ram. I have also tried completely saving and reloading the game but still persists. Is there something slightly different I need to do for Hyper? Each time I turn this back on, I get an alarm along with a 30 secibd dekat before it clears. Never knew they implemented that on MPU3. I'm also having an issue with a Nudges Unlimited clone, I think it is a 2p version. That has the older type coin mech, does that make a difference to the settings? Many thanks
  9. Hi I have another related issue, on this one I fixed the VTP issue but now have a 12V alarm - have I blown a fuse? Originally there were no settings in the meter section so I set them myself, probably wrong as it has made no difference. Thanks
  10. Ahh, thank you. So the answer is that you must save the layout once you have made the changes before attemtping to play the machine? That is where I was going wrong. Thanks once again.
  11. It is clearly a meter issue, after restarting the machine this time it game me a win. I ended up with 10p to collect. on collecting it has alarmed again this time 'CASH METER ALARM'.
  12. This is the actual game, insert 10p and get the displayed message. This happens in all of these type of games. I believe it is some issue whereby a game has been created in an early version of MFME or previous emulator which when run in a more recent version requires additional settings. The machine credits then immediately alarms, I can tell this because whe the machine is restarted, the credit is ready to play but when that c5redit is finished and put another 10p in, the same thing happens. I've tried the settings Wizard suggested in a previous thread at the Mecca but I am probably missing something else.
  13. Sorry, forgot to paste it, here it is. Thanks
  14. Hi I've started running games in 5.1 to test them then save working games so eventually I can play everything in v19. It found 2900+ so will take a while. I seem to be getting 'VTP METER ALARM' on every old MPU3 game I load. This happens when a coin is inserted. I've Googled the issue which proved useless but I found a note about this at the Mecca. Wizard advised to set display port to meters, button to 19 and mask to 3F. I've done this but is still giving me the alarm. Below is a screen shot of the configuration of one such game. Is there something else I should be doing on these games? Many thanks
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