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  1. richardpen

    Force Five DX - BFM - Scorpion 1

    Thanks Pook, that seems to have done the trick. Never been in that screen before. I just marvel at how you layout designers learn all this stuff. All those numbers and settings mean absolutely nothing to me. Thanks for all the hard work.
  2. richardpen

    Cat and Mouse

    Ooh, Looks interesting. Never seen or played this one before. I remember the original Cops N Robbers. How do I download this? I can download from Pooks section but not from here. Thanks. Richard
  3. richardpen

    Force Five DX - BFM - Scorpion 1

    Thanks for this machine. I really like these old BFM machines, lots going on especially this one with several true skill features/hidden features and it seems exchanging on the £2 bells guarantees you £2.40/£4.80 on the skill stop, missed it the first time but haven't since. One of BFM's better machines together with a good sound package. Just one issue, is there an issue with the number reel? I am guessing it is a 24 step reel with 1-12 x 2? There seems to be an issue with one of the 1s as I can go higher and lose or lower than 10 and the '1' appears but I lose. Perhaps it is an emu issue? Thanks for a great game.
  4. richardpen

    JPM Note Exchange ?

    Hi Pook Thank you so much for the reply and also thanks for posting the flyer. I found the flyer interesting as when I loaded up the two emulated versions I noticed a slight difference in the colors and wondered why, it is because the author of the 1280 version used the flyer where as the author of the 1024 DX I presumed used a real photo since the colors are greener which was how I remember the machine looking, the same colors as Bank Roll. I guess a flyer which is printed on paper probably slightly different to the machine itself? Something else I noticed with the two emulated versions, they are both set to £2 repeat jackpot where as the ones I played in the arcades were all set to £4 token jackpots and if the jackpot symbols are achievable with nudges on the emulated versions, the display will show £2.00 but will still let you gamble where as when it is set to £4, as soon as you have enough nudges to obtain the £4, the machine will nudge automatically. I presume the roms are switchable since the machine seems to allow for both options. I guess having a £2 + repeat chance jackpot perhaps makes it more likely to get repeats. I never recall seeing this machine in a pub nor Bank Roll come to that where as I certainly remember most of the other machines of this era in pubs. The two releases I have are certainly playable but it would be great to see a nice updated version. Thanks for all your great work. Richard.
  5. richardpen

    JPM Note Exchange ?

    Hi Pook I've noticed your recent releases of the old JPM MPS2s. I remember playing these numerous times in pubs and arcades in the early 90s. Have you ever DXed Note Exchange? I have a couple of DXes of this machine in my emulation folder but upon loading them they look rather old, one doesn't work, may be an over credit as it boots up and then hangs with 52 credits in the machine. I just wondered if you have done a version long ago whether you would considering re releasing it or perhaps consider doing a new release if you have never done one before? I remember this machine well and played it many times in different places. It was one of my favorite from that era. On one occasion I had the top feature which went for £20 which at that time was quite an achievement. Thanks Richard
  6. richardpen

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    Thanks for the update. Love this machine, I played it a lot for real. I can appreciate the problem with sitting at computers during the hot summer. My home PCs fans would over rev anything from two to three hours after being on from cold. I've never had that problem before. It meant having to switch it off every time I left it for any length of time. It's fine now it has cooled down again. Looking forward to this whenever time permits. I know you have been working hard on updating old layouts, some of which I'm hoping to have time to play over the next couple of weeks as I am off work. Especially those old £3/£4 JPMs. That was well in my era. Thanks for your great work. Richard
  7. richardpen

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    Hows this coming along?
  8. richardpen

    Whats hapened to MPUMecca?

    Anyone looking for their recovery email from the Mecca, check your spam folders, mine went there. The problem I'm having with the Mecca is I cannot log in, I found my recovery email but I don't know if it is a BT web mail problem but it does not display a link or button, it just says in text 'RESET YOUR PASSWORD' and all I can do is highlight it. I've tried forwarding it to my other BT account which uses a different webmail version but the forward did not work. So at least for the moment, I'm locked out of the Mecca :( If I signed up to the Mecca using my other email address, would Pete be able to transfer my info to the new email?
  9. richardpen

    Whats hapened to MPUMecca?

    Hi Does anyone know what's happened to the MPUMecca site? Last weekend it came up with a server change message. I've not switched my computer on for the las few days because of the heat. Tried again this evening and it redirected me to a radio station site. Has it gone forever or is it just some technical problem?
  10. richardpen

    Quickshot DX - Maygay - Proconn

    I'll look forward to playing this when I get round to updating to 6.1. Not sure if I have played this before or not. I'm sure these did the rounds at my local pub. The sound was always turned down very low I seem to remember. I remember one in our local pub, one of the features was a skill thing where 20p or 50p lights would light rapidly one after the other and you had to stop it on the correct lamp which was I think was the one before the last lamp. If you missed, the 50p shot you would get 10p for each one you missed, I think you got up to 5 goes. What would usually happen if you were good at it, you could get the first three then it would jump so would throw you just over the cash limit and give you a token win. I'm sure it was the same tech as this.
  11. Ah, was the other machine Rags to Riches that took those tokens? I only remember two ever taking them. Presumable they were not very popular as from what I remember, they were withdrawn and no one else tried them. Sorry, I keep calling it Wheel of Fortune when it is Fortune Wheel. There's an MPU3 which goes by the name of Wheel Of Fortune, think it was a VPS rebuild of something and there's the video casino game.
  12. Thanks, I'll have a go and see if it plays like the ones I used to play.
  13. These look great. I played the £4.80 sampled version many times. I also remember those chunky £1 tokens, Similar size to the £2 coin. They were a bit of a pain since you could only put them back in WOF or Crazy Payes, the arcades I used would not swap them for 20p tokens. One arcade I used did have about 6 WOFs but another arcade only had one WOF and 1 Crazy Pays. The arcade which just had the two machines in eventually swapped out the £1 tokens for 20p only tokens. The up side of the £1 tokens was that they could really streak up to £50/£60 at a time where as the 20p only ones did not streak so well. Did someone say we have the £1 token roms available? That would be interesting to see. Looking forward to this release.
  14. richardpen

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    Excellent stuff! There is a classic layout but will be great to get the Pook treatment :). Played these many times in the early to mid 80s. Looking forward to this. Thanks
  15. richardpen

    Movie Magic Club DX - Crystal - SYS5

    Thanks for this layout Pook. A great layout as always. I rarely got a chance to play clubbers for real, just didn't have the access to them. I get the feeling this is a kind of mid tech machine. When I first loaded it I was expecting a high teck but the game is farely straight forward with a few features here and there. I like the way how there is not a constant block on this machine, I have had a £50 and a £53 offered on the top board but was surprised on one occasion when I thought it had killed me after having £32 in the bank, thought it had gone to zero, continued playing suddenly realizing it had credited me the £32. This has happened at least twice now. I note that this clubber is unusual in that it will not offer you a feature exchange until you get to around £10 on the win trail. Most clubbers I've played on the emulator usually gives you the option to transfer to the feature board either after the first successful gamble or at least lower down the the gamble ladder than that. I guess it saves the time and agony keep transferring to the feature board only to kill you after two or three moves. One odd thing I've noticed and it has caught me out a couple of times, there appears to be a unique 'Over Credit' alarm built into this machine. If you insert the money in very fast and the credits go to £12, (I think it is meant to lock at £10) the machine plays fine until it reaches £9.75 where upon it will make a continuous looping sound and freeze. The issue persists even after a restart and so the only option is to clear the RAM. So I am careful not to let it go over £11, it is quite happy with 11 pound at a time. What does the Box Office Success square do? Is it just a continue on square or does it have some significance if the game is in a certain state? All it has done for me is to cheer and carry on. Is the Nudge or Spin feature on the top board any good? Pook, where did you download the sound package for this machine? I mean the meter and coin in/out sounds? I can hear them in your YouTube clip but not when I play the game. I presume I can download them from somewhere and put them in the 'Sounds' folder or should they already be there? Thanks for this layout, I am really enjoying this game.