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  1. Okay thanks, that's a shame though. Would be great to be able to do something like that.
  2. I'm not even sure if the title is the correct terminology Is there a way to randomise the money in/out of a machine, so that it will always play different? I have tried resetting the Rom but that just kills the machine and I have also tried editing the money in/out but that doesn't work. If this is possible it would be the icing on the cake for me. Thanks
  3. You can download unlimited with a donation to help the site keep going. Actually at the moment the money goes to Wizard who created the emulator.
  4. Only when I'm at the seaside. No machines really appeal to me anymore and are just designed to get your cash as fast as possible. I could sit for hours in seaside arcades though, playing all the old machines. Pretty difficult to lose £40 in a day.
  5. Norton and McAfee used to annoy the hell out of me. Until I deleted them from the various works laptops and started using Avira and malwarebytes. Both free and never had an issue with either. Now I just use malwarebytes, but it never detects anything as I'm pretty savvy with what I download and more importantly where from.
  6. You may have hit your limit, donate what you want and you can download what you want is how it worked for me. I have donated a few times as it's worth it and I love the machines. Even though I haven't downloaded much to be honest.
  7. Morally maybe but money talks. The teams near the bottom just want it null and void or no relegations, what's the point of that.
  8. If you donate £100 Liverpool are automatically awarded the premier league trophy.
  9. justme2019

    party animal

    Jesus he posted a poor image, he didn't sleep with any of your wives.
  10. Thanks for the explanation mate, much appreciated. I will know for next time.
  11. Dont worry yourself Geddy. Some people are good at certain things that other people are not. For example I could build you an extension from start to finish but im not so good at this sort of stuff. I just paid £5 and was given one big file to download with everything I need and more.
  12. I did check it and to be honest I was lost by what the following meant.... This also means that a little "leg-work" will need to be needed to make them run as this are distributed without the rom needed for the game. The games here also do not include the RAM file so will be in a reset status.
  13. Does anybody have this available to download please? I did have it but dont now since my last laptop packed up. Thanks
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