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  1. Ok Thanks for the support
  2. OK reg thankyou very much for your time
  3. only the dx,do you want me to send fml file? thanks UtterNutter.fml
  4. reddevil

    Deluxe to Classic

    Hi Can i convert a deluxe layout to a classic as the layout is scrunched up so i cannot read what square i am on i have attached the game for you UtterNutter.gam
  5. when I play the above the hi lo is set to low ie I have a 12 showing but its a different number can I fix this? ty
  6. reddevil

    dat files

    can you explain what dat files are and what program if any I need Thankyou
  7. reddevil

    Sub zero

    I have just started having a go on sub zero,The in out meters do not work? please help
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