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Found 1 result

  1. I've been talking about this whenever I've been asked about returning to do more layouts, so I've finally decided to at least get something started. For today, I've spent my time gutting my original Homer's Meltdown .PSD as much as possible, while retaining what I need, then spent a while attempting to convert the top of the machine to a dark theme (Homer's Meltdown's is a white top-section). Which was awkward due to how I'd left Homer's Meltdown's file. I think it looks alright though? I've also adjusted the buttons, as some of the buttons on this machine have slightly different text (the colors are the same though, so that's a bonus!) and I've tried to lay down some base colors for the frame and background. I'm not 100% convinced though on the red. I've sampled several white balanced images, but honestly I think my limited sources is hampering me there somewhat. As I've said in a couple of threads now; If anyone owns one of these machines, do let me know! Edit:
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