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  1. Hi all, Here is a game called Roll Up running on Ace's System 1 tech. Machine was released in the early 90's and was a conversion kit made by PCP. Used to play this machine a bit back in the day and have done the layout from memory as I don't think a pic is available for this one. Plays quite well with lots of feature entries etc but rarely hits the jackpot! Thanks also to Hit The Six for help and feedback. Enjoy! Roll Up.zip
  2. Thank you for the Fantastic layout I remember uploading the manual for this many years ago at the Mecca and thinking at the time if we would ever see this one emulated. Only thing I've noticed is the numbers 56 and 68 are not on the reel bands. So if having trouble getting a full house: Middle Reel position 14 should be a plum with no 56 Last Reel position 8 should be a plum with no 68
  3. Been working on this layout on and off for a little while and finally finished it! Couldn't find a pic of the actual machine so have made the layout from memory. Pretty sure the reel symbols I've used aren't quite the right ones. I think BWB did a small number of machines which used slightly different symbols. Quite a fun machine to play with some reasonable sounds. However gameplay gets predictable after a while with this rom version. Think the machine would have been in the arcades around 1993 given the Shamen and Adamski etc samples. Thanks to Wizard for making it all possible and also Degsy for reminding me about this machine (he mentioned it in one of his Youtube vids). The Big Match (BWB).zip
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