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  1. Been working on this layout on and off for a little while and finally finished it! Couldn't find a pic of the actual machine so have made the layout from memory. Pretty sure the reel symbols I've used aren't quite the right ones. I think BWB did a small number of machines which used slightly different symbols. Quite a fun machine to play with some reasonable sounds. However gameplay gets predictable after a while with this rom version. Think the machine would have been in the arcades around 1993 given the Shamen and Adamski etc samples. Thanks to Wizard for making it all possible and also Degsy for reminding me about this machine (he mentioned it in one of his Youtube vids). The Big Match (BWB).zip
  2. Remember making the layout from glass scans. I think the layout must be around 15 years old now! Good to know that it's still out there being played. Reg- Don't own aT7 myself, I just keep them working. Slight chance I might be able to find the B4 Top Trumps- will look into that. Think all unnecessary BPAK's and themes were deleted in the game config menu because (since the software verification update was introduced) if there was an error like a coin jam and the machine had to be rebooted, the machine took an even longer time to be ready to play if all the BPAK's and themes were there.
  3. Hi all, One of the quieter memebers of the scene but have been around since the very early days of FME. First discovered Fruit Machine Emulation existed courtesy of Maroney's Web Hovel! Since then I've helped out where I can with suppling resources for emulation purposes and am always on the lookout for resources. Currently in the trade repairing machines- not so much fruit machines these days as they don't seem to be as popular as they once were, so tend to be reparing redemption and video game machines. Have been working on backing up Triple 7 machine hard drives and thanks to some helpful posts on here I've backed up one Triple 7 machine hard drive sucessfully so far. FME wise I've been quietly working on a classic layout for BWB's The Big Match which is very nearly completed. Also in the pipeline is the JPM MPS2 version of Bodymatch- however I need to source the correct reel symbols:) Will also, at the end of the month donate to help 'keep the lights on' here. All the best:)
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