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Astra Games Bullion Bars CLASSIC Rebuild 10p £5jp

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Astra Games Bullion Bars CLASSIC Rebuild 10p £5jp

Hey Everyone,

Been working very hard behind the scenes, and I am proud to release the Astra Games Bullion Bars Classic Rebuild layout

10p Play £5 JP - 40p stars version - never released before on MFME.

The slave cabinets are my own built from scratch, my own reel bands used top box and slaves, and completely remastered the top box and used original decals as per the factory original, even managed to perfect the blue lamps behind the Astra  Logo on each player!

Thank you to rom provider ( you know who you are ), and to Dan & Andy for being my beta testers.

Shortcuts usual, but 9 = 10p coins in.

**As always dedicated to Wizard**

Hope you all enjoy this much highly anticipated layout. I will hope to reuse these cabinets for the £25/£35 and hard £5 version in due course, if demand is there of course.

please use MFME v19 😛

Peace - AstraLuke 🙂


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3 minutes ago, Geddy said:

Many thanks... (we do have a few versions of this though, IIRC.)

Indeed, including some that I had done as drafts that was leaked online too, but the 10p 40p was the first one to be released on MFME as the roms are hard to source 🙂

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5 hours ago, Amusements said:

It looks bazzing!

never heard that before and i dont know why i find it so funny but im definately going to use it in my video uploads 😁

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MFME lands most pathetic gambler

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