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Bonanza £8 Dx

 Grab a Horse and join me for a wild west adventure, but be careful of those pesky red indian's if they catch you its a long awaited hair cut for you, literally 

here's a classic jpm at a time when fruit machines were a joy to play with plenty of gameplay, this was originally made in 1995 maybe just before or after the famous indiana jones

Big thanks goto-

the original Jpemu layout and the original 1024 layout used for a majority of the lamping postions

to @infection for obtaining the two images used from a youtuber - fruityloopy 1980, not sure if he's a member on here or not, but has some kind of jpm collection in his house!

google for the Jpm impact cab used

@Tommy c for help setting the checkboxes to make the hoppers full and for font ID help and reel symbols including the hi lo reel

Shortcuts are as standard

 Play in MFME V20.1

  Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!


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