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BFG - Viva Mexico

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25 minutes ago, slasher said:

The key to being a good layout creator is to take criticism and do something with it to improve going forward. Your layouts are getting better but when you rush to release before the testers have finished, or ignore the testers input, that's when you have problems.

Look how long my layouts take lol

very true slasher take a trip to fruit-emu and look at some of my very early Wips from 2013/14 i was being criticized all the time and yes many a time i thought "f" it and thought about packing it all in, was being a designer worth all that hassle and stress, hell yeah!!  it took me a lot of time and layouts to get where i am today. i followed some advice and i ignored a lot more, but now when i look back on it i wish i followed ALL Advice and respect to all those whom have helped me past n present and future.

i was told many a time to take a step back and look at what i've done, i was also quoted "there's no "i" in team @SocialDragon368 carry on doing what you love doing just take your time add correct symbols and make the machine work before releasing, thats all.

As for @Clo06's work take a look at her earlier classic's and what she produces now and see the advancements of her skill's 

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2 hours ago, Big J said:

(sorry to talk about you in the third person Chloe)

That's ok, you are putting a constructive point across to SD :) 

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