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Wild Wild West Club DX - BFM - Scorpion 2


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After the above post alerted me to this (I must have missed it too) decided to give it a try, was intruiged by the 3 reel clubber.

Absolutely brutal machine, but strangely addictive to play.  This RAM file is offering endless £100 cashpots on feature, but should hi/lo out a jackpot too.  Gave me it from 3 holds on bars on the reels, then hi/lo'd out no problem.

@Pook When i hi/lo'd to jackpot, it paid £200 and not £250?  Guessing top award lamps are meant to be £200s instead, no idea about Cashpot ones, Cashpot or Reserve haven't moved a bit since download.

Anyways, enjoy, should go within £20 :)

Wild West Club DX.rar

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Helps if i attach the RAM :D
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