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My first fruit cabinet


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Been meaning to post an update on my build (which is at least partly inspired by flippertje’s work!


- MDF cabinet flatpack from eBay
- 23.8” Hannspree touch screen monitor
- salvaged HP PC taken out of case
- Will have 9 physical buttons on top panel plus coin and service buttons on front
- will use MiniPac and PacDrive to control inputs and lamps


A couple of weeks in to the build and it’s coming together nicely.  The main issue is I wish I’d have gone with a mini-PC or NUC as the small-form-factor PC takes up a lot of room, even now removed from its case.  It’s just making work much harder.

My other issue is how to cover the gap between the cabinet and the monitor.  I can’t put a sheet of perspex with painted bezel on top, as that would stop the touchscreen working.

Software-wise, I’m using LaunchBox but super-disappointed to find I can’t scroll the interface using touch gestures.  This is standard Windows functionality that is somehow broken in LaunchBox 😡

All in all, having tremendous fun putting this together.



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13 hours ago, flippertje said:

Today I am trying to install the hopper. 

Should be straight forward enough with one of them. I have the 110v version of the one your using. Hopefully you have the 220v version (mine cant handle more than 150 coins as it is underpowered).

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On 06/04/2021 at 18:01, flippertje said:

When I started this project I hadn't thought about a touchscreen yet. Actually, this was also a trial and I had the monitor left. I have now discovered that I miss a few buttons with some layouts, or that the description of the buttons is not quite correct. So if I'm going to make a version 2.0 again, I will definitely consider a touchscreen. But I think real buttons are part of it. I also found out that I may have made the case a bit too small, as I now have little room for a hopper. But I'm just going to try.

Wanna sell it? ;)

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