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Wild Hold DX - Maygay - MMM

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My first release in the v20 era is another cracking old MMM based tech machine from Maygay.

I had some photos sent to me by Sulzerned from the Mecca, I decided to start a redraw to the point that the only original art on the DX is the yellow & white star pattern on the rear of the top glass, everything else is redrawn. Massive thanks to Sulzerned for the pics they were an invaluable resource to use as a template.

Thanks also to @hitthesix for his classic that I used as a base and to @evo1 for testing.

Finally thanks to @Wizard for his continue support and updates to MFME. v20 had a massive amount of updates, the major change that I could do with this layout in particular is animated buttons.



Wild Hold DX
Released - 8th July 2020
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Maygay
Stake - 10p
Jackpot - £2
0 - Enter 50p
9 - Enter 20p
8 - Enter 20p Token
7 - Enter 10p
`/C - Cancel/Collect
N/U - Nudge Up
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2
3 - Hold/Nudge 3
R - Respin
Q - Wild Hold
A - Wild Reel
Z - Respin
Space/G - Start/Gamble
Thanks to..
hitthesix - Classic
Sulzerned - Photos
evo1 - Testing
Wizard - MFME
Wild Hold DX.zip

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Thank you Dave as always like i said when testing, best machines early 80s to 90s. This is one example, great playable and simple. Shame that early Maygay's were very under rated.

@Pook check your pm's

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** Just noticed that this is ticked WIP in config, so it will not show up in your game manager until you untick the WIP box and save (F7)

Treat every day like your last, because one day it will be!

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Many thanks.. never saw this one in the arcades,  interesting game, bit of skill involved. Sort of an upgrade from Cash or Nudges. Wish machines were still like this.

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