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Pac-Mania £25 Dx


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Pac-Mania £25 Dx

 Next up is a flip card machine called Pac-Mania £25 very similar if not the same as stir crazy.
 Its set on 25p play as that's what i made the price of play decal for,but you can change this via configuration.
 Thanks goto
  Wearecity for the classic layout and the usage of his flip reel icons which i've left in this layout, whether they're correct in style or not they look the bizz.
 To the flyer uploader i think Samson81.
  Wizard for set up help on the flip reel lamps/colours of which i still don't think they'e right as the blue lamp doesn't appear to come on, but the red (ghost) lamp does??
  Shortcuts are listed within the notes within the layout itself
the notey does work but only gives change, but left it working for authenticity.
I may consider doing Disco Inferno next?? as got a decent flyer to prep up.
 Play this in the latest version of Mfme (v19+) available from the site listed within the warning notice
 i think that's all!!!
   Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!


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Just now, NovaxFi said:

Cool layout but all (excluding coin insert) sounds come from only the right side of my headphones. Do you know any fixes for this problem? Everything else plays normally on my headphones

Settings in configuration, you'll have to hit edit up top on the Emulator then look at some of the options in config, am not on PC atm but will take a look later if no-one else has resolved.



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Zippy🤐 from Rainbosays "Still waiting on an apology but I won't hold my breath 😗"


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