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Happy Hour DX - QPS - Scorpion 5

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A newer machine from me today which is far after my gambling era, but the base art I had was so good I couldn't not do this one. Built at a high resolution so 4k screens or TVs should benefit from this.


Lots of recent additional options in MFME lately. One of them in v19 was the use of fullscreen background images, I was interested in playing around with this but wanted to keep my original window style.

After a discussion with @Wizard he came up with an extra update in v19.2 which made this possible and allowed me to create 'DX'Cellent Arcade' in fullscreen (F3 mode), hope you enjoy it.



Happy Hour DX
Released - 15th August 2019
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - QPS
Stake - 25p/50p/£1
Jackpot - £70
0 - Enter £1
9 - Enter £5
8 - Enter £10
7 - Enter £20
` - Cancel
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2/H - Hold/Nudge 2
3/L - Hold/Nudge 3
Alt - Change Stake
C - Collect
5 - Transfer £5
T - Take It
L - Leave It
B - Happy or Bust
H - Play Happy Hour
S - Take Streak
Thanks to...
@Reg - Classic
@fruitsnappa - Testing
@Wizard - Transparent backdrop
implementation in v19.2


Happy Hour DX.zip

Edited by Pook
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Thanks and happy birthday

Love that dxcellent arcade background a lot of work involved with the making of it, and thanks to wizard for making it happen!

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Firstly Happy Birthday - what a release to mark this as well.

This one is really something special and that gif above me says it all.

Thanks for all the hard work that went into this and that Dx’Cellent arcade is blooming great as well.  Yourself @Pook and @Wizard have now started something.

I have had the pleasure of seeing this one before ( thank you @Pook ) and here it is on a test clip I did running in real play mode and taking cash...

...the above video is a real rough cut but the experience is so cool on a slightly older version of this layout.

@Pook if we ever meet in person, I owe you £10 as have a pint or two to celebrate your birthday at your local for this on me.

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 "Maybe Reg is everywhere"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              © 2020 Johnnyafc

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Wow this is simply stunning. 

Do you hear that ? That's the sound of the bar been raised yet again.

A lovely release on your birthday.

The full screen backdrop is just the icing on the cake.

I keep thinking about doing a DX again and then I see the work you guys are doing and it scares me to death on how to try and get close to what you designers are capable of now.

Happy Birthday Pook.

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Just had to chime in again to say how impressed I am with this DX.

It's perfection. It really is.

I appreciate that it takes good artwork but this is just stunning.

I just put this in attract tonight on my PC at home in a dark room (only a 1440p screen I'm afraid) and I just watched it for ages.

I can't see how things can get better than this. I would say we are reaching or probably have reached a plateau in regard to presentation on a 2D screen.

Thanks Pook and Wizard for the emulation and to all involved with this release.

We are spoilt to have the opportunity to play these layouts.

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