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DX'Cellent release quiz


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8 hours ago, wearecity said:

If you look on this page https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/52784-layout-diy-fixes/page-19?hl=vegas#entry305096

Post 372, I converted this from Jpemu to MFME. Strangely however the actual converted layout doesn't have the greenery to the side of the alpha. I assume that the picture above wasn't the finished layout.

I've updated the layout since v6.1, so I've attached it here. It'll do for now, until Pook perhaps decided to do an update and further release.

cashvegasstrip.zip  2

Thank you very much, i do remember you and some other converting some jpms and i must of downloaded it but i dont think i placed it in my pook folder. Shame on me.

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24 minutes ago, Pook said:

Seriously? I think you have a problem and it's time for an intervention!

Oh, and well done, I suppose 😤


Dave it was just the fact that i had your folder open and i just looked at the said machine on the last picture you placed up as i thought it was that. Got fruit pictures all my head at the min as going though layouts etc updating and catching up with fixes as MFME is moving along and am not. Think am half way there though? Not even downloaded most of your new releases yet.


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2 hours ago, Pook said:

Round 8....

Chopaholic - 1

evo - 5

wearecity - 1

infection  - 1

A guess quizmaster sent this to me, I could not identify it, so you 'orrible lot are screwed now!


Thanks for the extra point here Mr Pook but am only on 4

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