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Match of the Day DX - BFM - Scorpion 2

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Updates for MFME v6.1 include...

  • Opaque reels
  • In/Out sound effects
  • New alpha
  • Tweaked digis
  • Updated sideart


Little history here that produced this DX over 8yrs ago. I bought this machine as non working on ebay, can't remember exactly how much is was maybe about £40. @Ady went to collect from the seller, again can't remember the distance but certainly not just around the corner. He broke the machine up and scanned in and stitched the glasses (example below). @TTX dumped the rom & @Ploggy helped with the classic.

Great example of collaboration, unselfishness and teamwork, several joint ventures happened with these and other people in the community. Whoever says FME is full of selfish hoarders is either sadly mistaken or just hasn't had the pleasure of working with the people that I have.


Match of the Day DX
Released - 25th July 2010
Updated for v6.1 - October 2018
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Bellfruit
Stake - 20p
Jackpot - £10
Resolution 1280x1024
0 - Enter £1
` - Cancel
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2/Hi
3 - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo
C - Stop/Collect
E - Exchange For Feature
P - Sell Players
S - Slow Motion
Space - Start/Gamble
Thanks to..
@Ploggy - Classic
@Ady - Collecting/Breaking/Scanning
@TTX - Rom Dumping
@wearecity - Testing




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