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Desert Island Retro

Globe Trotter DX - ACE - spACE

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Firstly apologies for being a bit quiet lately, lots going on at work at the moment and got my head turnt a bit by a couple of other emulation scenes. I do have a number of new and re-releases almost ready and will try to be more pro active and get them out in the near future.

This old ACE machine has been almost 5yrs in the making for me, lost interest with it on several occasions. See my post back in 2003, @stevedude2 I keep my promises & @wearecity you're joke on the first page was only 4yrs out. :D 

WIP post at Fruit-Emu 2013

Took some liberties with a few lamps here and there as we were never 100% sure of hidden/feature ones. Thanks to everyone's input on that and clearing up the whole 'fair play' reel situation which is not in this rom revision.

Thanks to...

Globe Trotter DX_1.jpg


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Bloody hell - how tight is this one ?

When it finally gives me something - 80p Train Crash - that being said - great looking layout on a machine I've never seen before.

Thanks for all your hard work on this.


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Still can't remember if I have played this before. The feature entry symbols, do jog the memory, but I can't recollect playing it, like I can with Crimewatch and Grand National.

There are a couple of issues, the lamps don't seem right when you gamble from mixed sevens to the bars, surely they should clear down from the 7's, if gambled successfully. They do clear as well as the single bar lamps, if you gamble from single to double bars.

The dot matrix, doesn't always show watch for my hidden treasure, when it does the little ditty, it went blank on me, I wonder if it's an emulator issue, or a machine quirk. Finally the attract sequence mentions the fair play reel. Again could be lazy programming and ACE didn't remove it, even though the machine doesn't have a fairplay reel. Or it could be a dip switch or something to make it a fairplay reel.

Overall though, doesn't spoil the enjoyment of one of my release highlights of the year, deffo in top 3.

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just got around to playing this and what a cracking layout it is, makes a refreshing change to play a feature game with these symbols unlike play it again which is equally as good in its own way.

Are there any club machines from ace to be made or are the roms about for the clubbers from this tech??

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