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Monopoly Takeover DX - BFM - Scorpion 5


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This was a big project for me, the biggest redraw I've done to date and an more than happy the way it turnt out. I'm sure there will be more of these moving forward. :)

Big thanks to @Matty.n for the classic, also Matty and @Wizard for testing.

Casino Monopoly Takeover DX_1.jpg

Monopoly Takeover DX
Released - 2018
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - Bellfruit
Stake - 25p/50p/£1
Jackpot - £70
0 - Enter £1 
9 - Enter £5
8 - Enter £10
7 - Enter £20
`/C - Cancel/Collect
1 - Hold/Nudge 1
2 - Hold/Nudge 2
3 - Hold/Nudge 3
S - Change Stake
A - Auto Play
T - Transfer £5
Space - Start/Gamble
Thanks to..
Matty N - Classic, Matty.N & Wizard - Testing


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DX Banner.png

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Outstanding DX, mate.  Can't fault it, one bit.  Love the look of the neon border as well.  Thanks for taking out the time in getting it completed.  Well done.

Quite a compeling machine for a lo-tech as well.  Will get a lot of play that's for sure. :)


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Truly stunning Dave.

Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release,but especially to yourself Dave as the individual effort and your personal time taken(to complete the layout)shines through this amazing release and the end result:wow:-weekend sorted:banana:


Played this in my local Gala club set on multi stake 25p/50p/£1 on £100 jackpot-nightmare slot lol

So some sweet revenge to be had.



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