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Torture Tv Classic - (Simpsons clone)


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Torture Tv Classic - (Simpsons clone)

Torture TV.

A Maygay machine on Epoch Tech.

£15 Jackpot, 30p Play 82% Payout.


Could very well be a failed test machine, it appears to be a 100% Simpsons clone.

It does have a TV gameshow vibe about it, reminds me of the Japanese gameshow programme Endurance that used to feature on Clive James on TV (later Chris Tarrant on TV). 


Some of the feature names maybe incorrect as they are not always mentioned on the alpha, when you take them, although Hi Ro cash is not a spelling error.

Cancel = `, Hold = 1, Hold 2/Hi = 2, Hold 3 = 3, Collect/Stop = C, 

Exchange = E, Start = Space.

Collect Nudges = N, Collect Cash = T, Collect Feature = F

Insert £1 = 0

Thanks to:

Wizard (RIP) for the wonderful MFME.

Ross for the reels from Cash Gordon and London Underground

The rom provider

Torture TV_2.jpg


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