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Golden Steppa (system80) (resized Dx)


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Golden Steppa (system80) (resized Dx)

 Next layout enlarged for v20 is this one, i've basically enlarged the Off/On Background arts from the original layout and still look clear enough

Here's the notes and thanks from the 1024/2016 release


Next up we Steppa back in time to what some would call the Golden era of fruit machines. A machine so old i was barely tall enough to reach the buttons let alone shove big fat 10p's into it, i was still being weaned on the 2p pushers when this came out.
The year was 1981 the year of the Cold winter (-28oC) and this classic Golden Steppa, requested by cashbox1
 Thanks goto-
Superbank for the roms and hi quality images he uploaded back in 2008,
Compost Corner aka zoltar for the classic used for lamping positions (what little there are lol)
And to Ploggy for the donated cab from top up of which i re-coloured gold'ish.
And to the contributor of the reel symbols probs one of the above.

Sounds uploaded by Liam
 Shortcuts are-
Start = spacebar
Auto start = A
Nudges = 1,2,3
Nudge Up = `
Coins in-
50p's = 0
New 20p's = 9
Old Big 10p's =8
Tokens = T.

Plays in mfme v20.1

 Still can't get the coin effects sounds when paying out on this one, if anyone susses it please post a screenie of the configuration settings to make this complete

 Enjoy and Happy Gaming (again)!!!


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1 hour ago, vectra666 said:

layout updated in a min but here's the solution from @Clo06



I've sorted out the payout sounds for you, the problem (for future reference) was Port 37 - Value 2 & Port 38 - Value 3 needed to be set as Triacs.


1 hour ago, Clo06 said:

I did forget to add in config - effects set Triac 2 to 10p slide & Triac 3 to Token slide.

I dont have a clue how you do this but i am grateful that you do 🙂

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Cheers for this. Looking good. :1312_thumbsup_tone3:

I recall my mum playing 'Silver Shadow' and 'Golden Steppa' back when I was a nipper. Yep, even old bastard Compost was a nipper once. It was fun to watch when the bonus 20p reel would spin. Then she'd move on to some god awful mechs that paid out in Green Shield stamps. And I'd get a clip around the ear for not only moaning about how boring the Green Shield machines were, but the fact I'd blown a 50p roll of 1p coins less than 5 minutes on those Brenco 'BANKER' machines.... There was an ACE game called 'Find the Lady' where the feature had 3 playing cards on the top glass would randomly flash. You could collect the 5p win but if you chose to gamble, If you selected the one that was lit last out of the 3 playing cards, you got a whopping 15p payout.

Those were the days!!

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44 minutes ago, wearecity said:

Thanks for the update to this granny machine.

Pretty sure many of the 1024 DX's of the past, could still get an upgrade.

Great story by Compost as well. 

A fair few of my earlier 1024’s I’d love to return to if I ever find the original flyers etc used 

rich geezer, and my first double 9’s and many many more. I’d love to see a revamp of Nickelodeon one day , I do have images for that one so never know one day? Never could get the £1.20/2p roms to load think they were Bwb ones?

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