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Coffee Table fruity

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Has anyone attempted this? A search for "coffee table" on the forum brings up something I really didn't need to be picturing on a bank holiday monday with a hangover.

Anyway, having remained quiet for sometime on the forum while studying the software and other peoples builds, I would like to share my progress with you. I was all about to give up on the project due to space limitations until my wife suggested I fit everything into a coffee table. Challenge accepted.

I am running an i3 gen5 with intel HD onboard, 8gb ram and a 120gb SSD on windows 10. I have an iPac and Pac drive connected, two horrendous cheap coin mechs and two suzohapp cube hoppers with 10p and £1 discs.


The coin mechs and cube hoppers run perfectly straight off the PC power supply (Yellow 12v) and I got some 5v relays from ebay for the connection between pac drive and hopper. Following the instruction for the relay it needed a 5v VCC as well as signal and ground connection to the three pins on the pcb to trigger it from the pac drive. This did not work so I bypassed all the pcb and hard wired my pac drive connection straight to the relay itself and yay it clicked into action supplying the 12v needed for the hopper.


The manuals for the hopper suggested injecting a 12v supply to the coin signal wire with a 10k resistor. This also did not work so I thought i would just try the signal wire direct to the ipac and i'm happy to report it works a treat. Just had £3 worth of 10p's dumped all over the floor from a hotpot jackpot.


So now I have a working system I need to get it all into a table. I'm not sure yet if I want to have a flip up lid for the screen, or have it under some smoked toughened glass with the screen angled toward the user. An obvious constraint is going to be the feature buttons, but I am happy to compromise on a second row of buttons just above the traditional holds / start etc. At least they will flash along with the virtual button on screen. Good enough for me.

I have little spare time this coming month for the project, but as and when I get to tinker about with a table cab design, I will share the progress on here.

Massive thanks to the creators / artists who made this happen.

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Little update for everyone. I've made a bit of progress. I've found a donor table that had a perfect glass top so with that I'm now able to measure out the rest of the cabinet. 

I've chosen an old ratio 19" dell monitor as it fills all the screen better and the original 17" I had was too small to read some button text through the top glass. 20211016_101123.thumb.jpg.187596982729928f894f83bcfccf5699.jpg

All the cablework is done so I'm going to flip the machine right side up on some temporary legs to test them out. 


Should all be good then i'll finish the woodwork and get all the coin mech and hoppers in.


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