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Intrigue DX - JPM - SYS5


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Over the years I've altered and enhanced many sections of machines, due to poor flyers/photos. Incorrect decals etc. I've done many redraws but always kept certain sections from the real machine. A cabinet, coin input or glass background pattern for example.

Intrigue is difference in the fact that this is the first release I have done where everything is 100% replaced from the base photos I used as a template.

It's an enjoyable play, a lot going on, nice sounds & a rather interesting bar hidden feature system.

Thanks to...

Bugs & @Geddy for the classic, @spa for photos, @johnparker007 for reel alignment tamplate, @evo1 for testing & @Wizard for MFME.


Intrigue DX
Released - 15th August 2021
Author - Dave Pook
Manufacturer - JPM
Stake - 20p
Jackpot - £6
0 - Enter £1
9 - Enter 20p
`/T - Cancel/Take
S - Shuffle
1/H - Hold/Nudge 1/Hi
2/L - Hold/Nudge 2/lo
3 - Hold/Nudge 3
F - Take Feature
Space - Start
Thanks to...
Bugs & Geddy - Classic
spa - Photos
johnparker - Reel spacing template
evo1 - Testing
Wizard - MFME

Intrigue DX.zip

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Jesus Christ (not you lol) friggin glad you got round to completing this so well done.

Also want to throw in a thanks to Big J whoever he is for bringing the sys5 emptier to the table, as the Tesco slogan states "Every little helps"!!

You missed the skill hahaha

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Zippy🤐 from Rainbosays "Shite has got very real, get ready for a surprrrrrriiiiise!"


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