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17 hours ago, dachshund said:

withernsea was my home town and i remember those very 2 machines. was there a crazy pays to the left of them. the arcade was called locally as "Little Teddies"

Now I'm gonna scratch those old memory cells....

In it's dying years of being an arcade, I'm pretty sure it had a very small WIMPY burger restaurant as you entered the place on the left. The coin pusher machines in there had vouchers you could win that got you a free burger.

Sandwiched between that place and Pastimes was another arcade thats long gone. But it's last years of life were awesome.... Back in the mid 1980's, I'd catch the 171 bus from Orchard Park here in Hull (50p return for kids). This arcade was fantastic. It had wall to wall video games. The coin entry of each game had some sort of retro-fitted button. As you walked in the arcade, you gave the woman at the coin desk 50p. She gave you a raffle ticket, and you got an hour in the arcade. All the video arcade games, because of the retro-fitted buttons, were on freeplay. You pressed the button and a credit was added. For a lad of 16, thats almost a day out for £1. That was my paper round earnings...

 Not only was Doc Brown faffing about with a Dolrean car back in 1985, I was systematically aiming to get my name on all the HI-SCORE's of all those video games.

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